Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas By Bey Deckard

    What first caught my attention when I first saw this novel was the cover.  Not because of the fact that there’s a half-naked man on the front, but mostly because the whole thing basically screams READ ME NOW!  I felt very lucky to be picked to read this novel because only one copy was being sent out and about 2,450 people wanted this novel.  The novel featured a love triangle between the captain, first mate, and cabin boy.  The cabin boy is Jon, who is extremely shy to the point where he’s almost timid.  He lives with his stepfather, who was an almost too cruel type of man, because of all the things he did to Jon.  The first mate, Tom, was captured as a small boy and forced to be a slave.  Because of this and all the things done to him he’s become very hard and very cold.  He likes to push people past their comfort zones, just to see them squirm.  He’s got a very vicious tongue and an even wickeder attitude.  The Captain is Baltsaros, he’s more of a calm and calculating type of person.  He’s dominating, yet gentle all at the same time.  His personality makes for a good combination for his type of character.  In the first chapter of this novel it mostly has Jon and his stepfather.  Jon thinks that he sees the Captain of a ship staring at him from far away.  He dismisses the notion of it and went to the stables.  Jon has been deathly ill lately to the point to where he has sudden pain often.  His stepfather’s idea of is to just ignore it and man up.  Which isn’t helping the matter any.  So Jon’s stepfather’s idea is to send Jon on a special mission to a brothel.  He does end up going to the Rose Garden, but he doesn’t really enjoy it.  The first chapter isn’t very long, but it makes up for it in the end.  The ending of this novel is jam-packed full of action with a whole lot more reactions.  It’s a great read and keeps you on your toes a lot.  All of the characters are great and I love how they all develop further into themselves.  They start out different then how they end, because of the struggles they go through.  Not only that, but also because of the situations that have been dealt to them or how they acted in some cases.  It all affects them to some degree and their responses to it was worth reading about.  This is a very good novel to read and one that I enjoyed reading immensely.  I would recommend this novel for those adventurous people who want a little more in the romance novels.  This book was written with excellent taste and it commands my attention even now.

*Read on December 8th, 2014

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