Frostfire By Amanda Hocking

    After all the success with the Trylle series Amanda Hocking came up with an equally entertaining series, The Kanin Chronicles.  The Kanin are another type of troll tribe that is both like the Trylle and yet nothing like the Trylle.  What makes it an interesting read is the fact that there is an isolated young woman and a bad man that she doesn’t think is all bad.  I’m pretty sure that it’s not supposed to be like this between enemies, so to say the least I was intrigued.  The main character in this novel is Bryn who is very much, so an outsider in the Kingdom of Kanin.  Because she looks like an outsider it makes her life even more difficult since she’s a Tracker for her Kingdom.  It’s while she’s on her current assignment as a Tracker that she runs into Konstantin Black.  Konstantin Black tried to kill her father years before and she’s sworn that she’d kill him if she sees him again.  The fact that he was there to take her mark means something else entirely.  After wounding him a bit, Bryn gathers her mark up and flees back to the Kingdom with him.  Needless to say the King went into an uproar over the finding of Konstantin Black and has his whole army prepare.  To either prepare for a war or an attack I couldn’t say, because it looks like the King doesn’t quite know either.  All available Trackers are now being trained as soldiers and a select few are being sent out to collect the royal changelings.  While this is all happening the Queen of another troll tribe, called the Skojare, has gone missing and her King fears that Konstantin Black has taken her.  Since Bryn herself is part Skojare the King of Kanin decrees that it’s Bryn’s job to find out what happened to her.  I did enjoy this novel very much and I’m happy that I own it too.  This way I can reread it whenever I want to.  The plot was one that had me hooked from the very first chapter and it continued to impress me throughout the whole day.  There was some nice action in the beginning of the novel, however it started to get kind of boring in the middle.  It did pick up speed towards the end of the novel, but I still would have liked a little more action in the middle.  This isn’t a bad novel at all, it’s quite entertaining and I’m quite sure that many young girls are going to fall in love with Ridley, while others, like me, will fall for the mysterious Konstantin.

*Read on July 15th, 2015

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