Ice Kissed By Amanda Hocking

I was very interested in reading this novel, because I was quite satisfied with the ending in the last one.  It made me want to read more, but without a way to actually read it.  Needless to say I wasn’t quite patient with waiting this time.  I love learning more about these characters because nothing is ever as it seems with them.  There seems to be some sort of twist to everyone’s personality and I love it.  It’s one of the perfect ways to keep a person interested in a novel without actually changing the whole novel.  This is quite a feat and yet it’s not all at the same time.  In this novel Bryn has returned to Kanin after the royals had declared the Skojare queen dead.  This rubs Bryn the wrong way because she feels that the Queen isn’t dead, but in hiding.  She has no way to prove this, except for gut feeling and that just won’t cut it for the King.  With the help of Ridley, the King grants them a bid of absents, not knowing exactly what they’re doing.  Ridley is still mad at Bryn for her reluctance to share that two traitors got away in that cell instead of one.  However, he starts to trust her again when they do end up finding the missing Skojare Queen.  She had indeed ran away, because she felt unsafe in her own palace.  After telling this to the King and Queen of Kanin, the Queen of Skojare had managed to allow Bryn and one other accompany her back.  They must also stay and help beef up the security so that the Queen feels safe within her own home.  However, within the palace there lies secrets that are just waiting to be revealed.  Whether it’d be a good thing or a bad one depends on who finds them and what exactly they are.  I can honestly that I feel very in love with this novel’s plot.  It has so much action and adventure in it that I almost wept with joy. This is a very hard combination to find in a novel, and yet I found it in Amanda Hocking’s Kanin Chronicles.  I was very excited for this and even more so when I read the twist within the plot.  It has a raw and edgy feel to it that I just can’t escape.  Even more so when you get towards the end.  The ending has to be both my favorite part and the most aggravating part in the whole novel.  I can’t wait to read the next novel if only to see what happens to both Bryn and Konstantin Black.  I have a feeling that I’m going to be very pleased with the outcome.  I sincerely hope that after the Kanin Chronicles are finished that Amanda Hocking will write something else close to it.  Perhaps something to do with the Skojare, just like she did in the Trylle series first.

*Read on July 25th, 2015

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