Mercury’s War By Lora Leigh

    This novel is one of the many in the Breed series, and I’m actually still surprised that I’m still reading them.  Not because Lora Leigh is a bad author.  It’s because I usually stop reading novels once they go into the double digits.  I’d been waiting for this novel for a while now, because Mercury is a very complex character and he definitely needed hid story told.  I just wish that it had been told sooner.  Mercury is just one of the main characters in this novel.  He’s a very serious man and since losing what was assumed to be his mate years ago he only got worse.  He doesn’t do jokes at all and he’s very proud of his ranking and status within the pride.  The fact that he has to watch Ria, Dane’s secretary, means that Jonas thinks something is up.  There is a quite obvious attraction between the two of them, but Ria is stubborn while Mercury has the patience to wait.  Ria is a very, very stubborn and hard headed woman.  She was sent by Dane to help uncover traitors within Sanctuary, because they were selling secrets to their enemies.  She’d been trained in coding by the Leo himself, so she’s more than capable herself.  However, the trick to this is to make everyone else at Sanctuary believe that she’s just a plain ole secretary.  The plan would have certainly worked out a bit longer if she didn’t have that attraction to Mercury.  The more that she denied it the stronger that it became. And it certainly didn’t help that she slept with him once knowing that she wasn’t his intended mate.  All of this combined into one novel is certainly a lot to take in.  Add to it the fact that quite a few people have been waiting on this story in particular then you have a bunch of jittery nerves.  The cover of this novel was much better than the first few in the series.  It was pleasing to the eye and made people want to pick it up.  This makes it seem more interesting so that when they get to the plot of this novel they’ll most certainly be hooked.  The ups and downs that these characters experience are worth it all and made me wonder about quite a few things.  For instance, that shocking twist at the end that even I didn’t see coming.  Now that was brilliant and is finely shown piece of what we call a surprisingly, shocking twist in the plot.  Overall, this is one amazing novel and I enjoyed reading it immensely.

*Read on July 29th, 2015

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