Unhinged By A. G. Howard

As much as I enjoyed the first novel in this series, the second one was kind of slow for me.  I was quite bored in the first few chapters and I was starting to think that they’d never pick up the pace.  It did pick up after a while and when it did I was very impressed.  It became just as thrilling to me as the first novel was and even more so when it finally got to the ending.  I love a fast paced novel that keeps me up at night and I did eventually get through this novel.   This really is a fun little twist on Alice in Wonderland, and I’m pretty sure that the original author didn’t even think of this.  In this novel Alyssa is haunted by the glass mosaics that she keeps making.  She’s found out that if she uses her blood it can transform her mosaics into slices of the future.  If only it was her future with Jeb that she could see, then she’d be happier with it.  Jeb is back from London to both see Alyssa and to help promote his artwork, for which Allie is his muse.  Jeb really wants Allie to come to London with him, so that they could go to art school together.  However, Allie’s mother isn’t too keen on the idea of Jeb, let alone Allie leaving her for London.  All is going just fine for Allie until Morpheus starts to appear in her dreams and then at her very own school.  The Red Queen is awake and on a rampage and Morpheus needs Allie’s help to stop her.  If only Allie would listen to him, because if she did, then none of this would have ever happened.  Everything is falling apart in her human world all because she wouldn’t listen.  Now Sister Two is loose and coming for Jeb and Allie’s mother is keeping very dangerous secrets from her.  Allie is most certainly running out of time and it could be Jeb’s life the line if she’s not careful.  This novel does have action in it, but as I stated earlier, it’s more towards the end.  It’s certainly a very nice tale that’s been spun into a punk-goth type of story.  The perfect novel for any young adult to read.  It has that forbidden glamour to it that draws you in and, like Sister Two, spins its web around you.  It’s full of dark, needy dreams and wonderful passion that creates a new Wonderland.  The plot thickens on a certain focal point that makes it a certain piece for this puzzle of a novel.  You can’t skip over certain parts just because it suits your fancy.  Take the time to actually enjoy what’s in front of you and then decide.  You’ll come to see the wonderment that’s been written for you.  The artistic passion and mind-blowing mystic that makes this novel what it truly is.

*Read on August 5th, 2015

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