Burned By Karen Marie Moning

I have a love-hate relationship with Karen Marie Moning and her novels.  I love them because they’ve kept my book imp side in eternal bliss.  However, I also hate them because once I’m done reading them I have to wait almost a full year for the new one to come out.  I was very impressed with how she combined her Highlander series with the Faefever series and I’m still surprised with how well it’s turning out.  In the last two novels, both Iced and Burned, I’ve seen many different point of views and at times it can be pretty frustrating.  Mostly because you get so caught up in what one characters doing that when it switches to a different person it gets aggravating.  So when this novel started out in Barron’s point of view I was a little wary because Iced was mostly in Dani’s point of view.  Barron and Mac do make up most of the novel and take up the time that go with it.  Mac is turning into a more complex character in this novel and it mostly has to do with the Sinsar Dubh being inside of her.  She wants to be the girly girl that she was before, but she also needs to be a warrior now too.  It not for herself than for the people that need her to.  Because when she kills the Sinsar Dubh takes over.  This causes quite a few problems for Mac, including the one where she chases Dani into a Silver Mirror.  Even though Mac spent three weeks looking for her, for Dani it was five hellish years in Faery.  It was so difficult for her that her other persona Jada took over and never let her go.  This is what I would consider a plot twist, seeing as I had no idea that Dani had an alter ego.  This sends everybody into a weird sort of rush seeing as the once fourteen year old girl is now twenty.  I do love this series very much and I’m really glad that I own it too.  This way I can read them as much as I want to.  The plot to this story was actually a good one, but I did find myself surprised by a minor detail.  In the novel Iced Dani was the main character, so I wasn’t happy with the fact that Mac is now the main character.  I was quite happy with Dani and even happier with this new Jada character.  With this being said, I don’t think that Mrs. Moning should change a thing about how she writes.  I know that I just did a complete 360 on this, but if something is working for you than I believe you should keep it going.  Everyone who starts reading one of her novels falls in love with them, and I do mean everyone.  Its hard not to and I believe that this is what makes them one of the best urban fantasy series out there.  So if you haven’t read one of her novels yet, then you better damn near to the nearest bookstore.  Because this is one of those novels that you just have to own.

*Read on August 8th, 2015

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