Coyote’s Mate By Lora Leigh

This novel rather surprised me, because it came later than I expected it to.  This novel was first started in the novel Tanner’s Scheme and that novel came out a while back.  I had thought that perhaps this novel would have been sooner, so I was kind of lost in the beginning of it.  The very beginning of this novel was dated back a few years and it proceed with phrases like, two week later and four years later, making the timeline a little confusing.  I really liked how it was told from the first time they officially met, but I feel like it could have been told a little bit better.  Anya is a very intelligent woman, who can help lead anyone in a situation that calls for her.  She is quite fair with everyone that comes to her, but her girls are by far her favorite out of the bunch.  She helped to save the only female coyote Breeds that they know of and because of this a lot of the Russian coyotes follow her.  What makes her unique is the fact that she got an order of separation from her mate Del-Ray.  Del-Ray is the Alpha of the coyotes and after eight months of forced separation he’s had about enough.  Coming back from a mission early he plans on surprising his “mate” and making her look at the choices that she’s made.  Upon returning to the Base he’s found that not everything is quite how it looks.  The girls are quite good at manipulating others and have taken it upon themselves to “help” their Alpha.  It doesn’t help any that Del-Ray has no idea what to do with the girls himself.  They are an anomaly among the coyotes, since none have ever lived to adulthood before.  Both of these strong leaders clash quite a bit and neither know exactly what they want or what they need.  Their just starting to find out when there’s a big bang at a certain party.  I found the plot to this novel to be rather simple, but by no means boring.  There hasn’t been much detail on the coyotes, so I was quite interested to learn more about them.  There was a lot of internal struggles when it came to the main characters and it was actually quite enjoyable.  However, my favorite part came more towards the end and all the action that followed it.  Everything kind of happened pretty fast, but it was so good that I found myself gripping the book till my knuckles were white.  The time just sort of flew out the window at that point, because an hour went by when it only felt like five minutes.  This was a very interesting novel and I would definitely recommend it to others that don’t mind reading a long series.  A novel this well done deserves some credit when it’s due and Lora Leigh definitely gets the credit for this one.

*Read on August 5th, 2015

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