Dead Heat By Patricia Briggs

This was a very anticipated novel on my behalf, just because I waited so long between novels.  I try to read them as soon as they come out so between each novel it’s roughly about a year for each one.  They’re so good that it’s worth the wait for them.  Now this is a new novel in the Alpha and Omega series.  Anna isn’t the timid little werewolf that she once was in the beginning of the series.  She’s quite sure of herself at the moment, while at the same time she’s trying not to disobey a very direct order from her Alpha.  Charles is still his father’s enforcer and still has a hard time showing Anna exactly how he’s feeling.  He does a pretty decent job at balancing out being a new mate and his enforcer status at once.  However, this doesn’t mean that he’s equipped for everything.  Anna has decided that she wants a baby and has announced this to Charles.  One that is strictly hers and Charles’, so that they can have a normal life.  She knows the risk of such a thing and has even gone as far as to suggest a surrogate mother.  Combine all this with her birthday coming up soon, Charles not only has to find her a good present, but has to keep her distracted from her other wishes.  After getting a call from an old friend Charles decides to take Anna to pick out her own horse for her birthday.  For once the mated pair are heading out without being ordered by Charles’ father, as his enforcer of course.  While at their ranch one of the men get a call from his wife about blood and their children.  After getting to the family in time it’s been discovered that a fae has placed a spell on the wife.  Not just any fae, but one that steals little children and makes them into dolls forever.  This fae has already struck once and is in the process of striking again.  Both Anna and Charles have taken a personal stake in this and have decided to help find and kill this fae.  The plot to this story is one that’s detailed and very mysterious.  It was rather enjoyable and it keeps you hooked into it for a very long time.  There were a few different point of views in this novel, but it didn’t make this a confusing novel, it actually helped to enhance the plot even more.  This isn’t a novel that can be rushed and I’m very thankful that it wasn’t, otherwise it would’ve been botched.  You need to take your time when reading one of these novels, because you could always pass a piece of the plot if you’re not careful.  I would recommend this novel to anyone that loves a good urban fantasy novel.  It will keep you going for a while and that’s not even the best part of it.

*Read on August 5th, 2015

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