I Burn For You Susan Sizemore

I happened to find this novel very interesting.  This novel is just one of the many that I happened to find in a resale shop and it intrigued me.  This novel is about a vampire, but the vampires have a twist to them.  It was kind of confusing at first, but after a while I really got into it.  Nothing in this novel is actually normal by any means.  It was damn right confusing at first and then got really interesting in a putting-a-different-swing-on-how-vampires-act sort of way.  For instance, they have allergies to garlic and silver, but they can wear a special sunscreen and take medication to stand the sunlight.  The way they live is also interesting, because they either live in families, clans, and/or tribes.  There’s a big difference between each them and there’s reasons for why that is too.  In this novel Domini is a human with some psychic abilities, mostly premonition.  She can see things here and there about what’s going to happen to certain people.  She’s never seen a major disaster, except when she was three, do there usually unimportant snidbits.  She ended up seeing Alec in a dream, seeing him many and many times that is, and seeing him then at her work place.  Alec needs a job and a buddy of his helped him out by setting up a meeting between him and Domini’s grandfather.  The job in question is that of being a bodyguard for celebrities and other high paying clients.  He eventually got the job and with his good luck he got Domini as his personal trainer.  Not that she thought that she was lucky at all.  Domini wants nothing to do with Alec and even told him so at one point.  However, when she’s suddenly attacked while on duty Alec goes into protective mode and doesn’t want her out of his sight.  He now has to find out why the Purist want her dead and why she keeps getting called Blackbird.  This novel has an edgy feel to it that under the right circumstances can get under your skin.  There’s a fight to retrieve balance between the two main characters that I could see throughout the novel.  They both want something different, while at the same time wanting the exact same thing.  This sparks a passion between the two and you can often see that passion in the pages.  This is a romance novel with action and a tad bit of mystery in its pages.  It can worm its way into your soul until you realize all too late how important it’s for you to finish the novel.  It’s quite addicting and once I got done reading it I went to buy the next few in the series.  I can quite honestly say that I never saw this coming when I looked upon the cover.  It can be quite deceiving, but in one of the best ways possible.

*Read on August 10th, 2015

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