Night Falls Darkly By Kim Lenox

This was a very interesting novel to read.  I actually found this one at a resale shop and thought for a moment that it looked dark.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that this novel is placed in the late 1800’s in London.  Talk about a dark time.   Of course once I knew this I had to buy it and find out what it’s about. It’s not very often that I find a novel not based in the present or near future, but when I do find one my curiosity always gets the best of me.  It actually wasn’t that bad of a read, however I wouldn’t put it on my list of favorites.  This novel has to do with immortals, to a certain degree, and what they can do.  One of these immortals is Archer, one of the longest living Shadow Guards that they have.  He became the very first Shadow Guard after a soul that he was to reclaim killed his first love.  He’s been doing his duty for a very long time and never kills an innocent.  He can transform into his beast side or a mist if he has to.   He’s never let anybody get in the way of his duty until he met Elena.  Elena had ended up getting in the way of Archer’s kill when they first met.  She had been dragged along by the soul that was to be reclaimed and they’d both fell off a rooftop.  Archer had ended up saving her and then left her in a big mansion, with an even larger inheritance.  After the recovery from her fall, which she can’t remember, she became a nurse at the hospital.  Elena wants nothing more than to be a Doctor and to help people just like her.  This makes it even more interesting since a serial killer named Jack the Ripper has been set loose.  This makes for a good story plot, because Jack the Ripper is a famous character that nobody knows anything about.  Perhaps this could be one of the ways it went down all those years ago.  In a not real, but we hope so kind of way that is.  This novel has a rather simple plot, but nonetheless a good one.  It’s more tuned in to Elena, so there’s actually not that much action.  This is more of a romance novel than an action filled one, and that part doesn’t even show until the middle.  I romance part was good though and I especially liked it when they keep getting pushed apart.  It made it much more interesting to read and with the lack of action in this novel you definitely need interesting.  For being set back in the late 1800’s it wasn’t that bad.  I couldn’t tell if it was historically accurate or not, but it did feel like it to me.  It’s certainly in a time when all that matters is pedigree and a dowry.  So if you do enjoy a good romance novel, then by all means pick this novel up.  Just don’t pick it up if you’re into action mixed with romance, because this certainly isn’t it.

*Read on August 9th, 2015

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