Original Sin By Allison Brennan

This was one of my resale novel and I must say that it wasn’t as bad as I was led to believe.  I happened to notice that there wasn’t that many good reviews on this novel and it kind of concerned me.  I didn’t really want to read a novel that would bore me to death, but to find out I’d have to read it first.  I actually rather enjoyed it to be honest.  It’s not that it’s a bad novel it’s just a slow novel.  It’s different in its own way, but it’s mainly about demons and religion than about anything else.  It’s not your average novel, which in point makes it odd in a way.  In this novel there are both demons and witches.  Moria is a witch that was going to be sacrificed by her mother when she was only sixteen.  She managed to escape her mother and has been on the run for seven years now.  She found her way to St. Michael’s order, an order dedicated to removing demons from Earth and back where they belong.  They believe that Moria is the key to killing her mother for good.  Moria has been having visions of the future, but it’s part of an awful future where a gateway to Hell has been opened.  To help her defeat her mother she needs Anthony’s help, but since he still blames her for his brother’s death it’s highly unlikely.  He even got her thrown in jail just because she’s a witch and he hates her for it.  The passion/anger runs deep within the two characters and there’s nothing that can really help them.  Meanwhile, Rafe, a comatose patient, suddenly leaves the hospital and ends up right in a witch’s circle.  He can’t remember much of anything, but he knows that Moria means something to him.  All three of these people need to stay combined if at all possible, but the trick is to get them all together first.  This novel is kind of confusing in its plot.  I knew what the plot of the story was supposed to be, but I couldn’t wrap my mind around it.  There seems to be some romance in this novel, but not enough to say that it’s a romance novel.  It’s the same thing with the action, there’s just not enough to actually say that it’s an action packed novel.  If anything I’d say it’s a demon -filled religious novel, which I’m pretty sure isn’t a real category.  I did enjoy the suspense in the novel and would even go as far as to say that it’s a thriller.  Refining a novel comes from defining the plot to the story line and since I can’t really define the plot I also can’t define the novel.  It is a novel that I would recommend for anybody interested in a demon-filled novel, because it is certainly plentiful.

*Read on August 12th, 2015

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