Hot For The Holidays: A Christmas Kiss By Lora Leigh

I actually enjoyed this little novella a great deal.  As with many of these novels Hawke’s story was glimpsed at in a previous novel and then forgotten about.  I do grow weary of cases like this because it could be two to four novels later until you actually get to read their story.  In this case it’s practically the same thing, but I still enjoyed reading it anyways.  I waited way to long to read about Hawke’s life, so by all that is holy I’ve read this novella and am now going to write about what I read.  This novella was a part of a bigger plan with the Breeds series.  In the previous novels there was a drug discovered that could perform a type of mind control on the person that’s taking it.  Jessica was given the drug unknowingly by her father when she’d go to see him for months.  Her father then influenced her to betray the Breeds, which he knew could lead to her death.  Lucky for her that man that she loved was her mate and he ended up saving her.  However, she was a prisoner for a year and was never allowed contact to others except for a very select few.  A year later she is set free and is now being hunted by a traitor.  This man will stop at nothing to kill her for her betrayal to her father, at her own father’s orders of course.  However, Hawke will do anything it takes to protect her and finally claim her as his mate.  The problem with this is that Jessica no longer believes that he loves her.  She thinks that he abandoned her when she needed him the most.  Hawke never did abandon her though, he protected her when she was locked up and he’d protect her now.  With Christmas being so close Hawke can’t wait to see the wonder on her face when she’s with him.  He has everything planned out for her, if only the stalker is found soon.  Otherwise she may never see his presents at all.  This is a very wonderful romance novella.  It holds its audience captive with the action, and of course the passion that streaks through its pages.  It’s an entertaining piece of work that hooks its way into you.  It’s a stellar novella to read and it puts you at ease from previous novels.  It excites the readers into wanting to know more about the rest of the series.  This is the reason why I’ve kept reading Lora Leigh’s novels to this point.  Unlike some authors she becomes a better writer with each novel.  Her first novels weren’t that great to me, but if you keep reading what she writes then you’ll see what I see.  She an author that wants to improve her writing for her readers and she’s doing that the only way that she can.

*Read on August 12th, 2015

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