Hot For The Holidays: A Little Night Magic By Allyson James

      I confess that I probably should have read this novella a long time ago, but I ended up reading the series first and then finding out about it.  I actually liked the fact that it was about Jamison and Naomi.  I was surprised because i thought it was going to be about Janet and it wasn’t.  This novella explains so much about his “attitude” and why he acts the way that he does in certain scenes.  It explained a lot about is experiences and why he and Naomi are so inseparable.  They are most definitely that and much more when it comes to their love for each other.  Naomi is a single mom with a deaf daughter, Julie.  Two years ago Jamison walked out of their lives after living with them for about two years.  Neither of them have heard a word about him since then, so when Julie wakes up Naomi she’s got a big surprise for her.  She sees Jamison on the roof of her house banging away at the tiles.  All of her anger and resentment comes back at the sight of him and she doesn’t like what she’s feeling.  Jamison didn’t leave them because he didn’t love them, it’s quite the opposite actually.  After finding out that he’s a Changer he became scared for his life and for those that he loved too.  He wanted to be able to control himself better before he hurt others, so he left for Mexico for two whole years.  Now that he’s back he has to hide both Naomi and Julie from his enemies.  The ones that taught him how to control the change and who threatened to kill his one and only soulmate.  Certain that they need to complete the bonding process Jamison will do whatever it takes to bind Naomi to him forever.  It’s now up to Naomi to decide if she wants him too, or if she needs to let him go and move on with her life.  This novella is a very wonderful example of romance and action all put together in the same novel.  Once the action starts it never really stops, so it keeps you hooked in at all times.  This is quite a refresher, because the novella is about Changers and Skinwalkers.  This makes the novella go a little more into detail sense we haven’t really heard much about them yet.  There’s little bits of romance thrown out throughout the novella itself.  There’s just enough there for the imagination and to tease us just as much.  Overall, this is a very wonderful novella from Allyson James.  It tells a short tale without actually making it into a new one.  It keeps to itself and makes us hope for another one in the future.  It’s a great piece in the making and I look forward to reading more of her great novels in the future.

*Read on August 17th, 2015

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