Hot For The Holidays: Sweet Enchantment By Anya Bast

This was a very interesting novella to read and I highly enjoyed it.  It has a dangerous streak to it that I just loved and the sexy man to go with it.  It had me hooked from the first page.  Bella seemed like a haunted soul, until I realized that she had more fire in her than normal.  It was really fun to read and I couldn’t put it down for anything.  I kept looking to the next page and the next one after that, until there were none left.  My only complaint about this novella is that it was too short.  Even if that is the meaning of a short story.  In this novella Bella is the main character.  Bella still houses some feelings towards Ronan and when he’s thrown in prison she tells him that she’s going to save him.  To save him she must marry him before the Queen.  Unfortunately for her Ronan doesn’t want to marry her.  This makes the situation a little awkward since Ronan is headed towards Death’s door.  Bella is trying to do what her soul wants her to do, so when she’s turned down again she hides herself away.  Only in her apartment though, so when Ronan shows up claiming to love her things start to get pretty sticky really quick.  The last time that Bella saw Ronan he was draped in charmed iron, which should have put him down for the count.  Ronan’s always wanted nothing but the best for Bella, so when Bella showed up at his cell his old feelings started to come back.  He never stopped loving Bella, so now that he knows that she still loves him he’ll stop at nothing to have her back.  Now he’s a wanted man on the run and he shows up in Bella’s apartment too.  Determined to make things right with her he tries to talk to her first.  Only his plan backfires and now she’s on the run with him.  Bella is now pissed at Ronan and is ready to help him move on if she has to.  To do this she helps him escape the Queen’s guards in hopes that they’ll reach an item.  An item that could mean everything to the fae and everything to the Queen herself.  This novella has both a romantic feel to it along with action too.  This is uncommon because it’s an urban fantasy novella, but that doesn’t mean that it was a bad read either.  There is plenty of information in the beginning of the novella, so it sets up the story right for you.  This is good for the reader, because it is a short story, so they’d need more information.  The romance in this novella came almost at the very end, which I actually enjoyed.  There was so much action and reaction that it instantly put me in love with it.  The action is so packed in that there’s barely a page that isn’t affected by it.  This is certainly a novella worth reading by anyone interested in a little urban fantasy.  It keeps your mind at bay, all the while leading you towards a plot that is worth your time.  So if you haven’t started this series you definitely need to, because it is worth your time to read.

*Read on September 30th, 2015

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