Hot For The Holidays: Vampire’s Ball By Angela Knight

As for most of Angela Knight’s novels I was entranced from the very first chapter.  It’s one of a kind in every way, because there’s not many urban fantasy novels based on the Round Table.  Let alone all of the Round Table actually being vampires too.  This novella had a lot of action in it and for someone like me, the more action the better the novel.  This novella has so much action in it that I just couldn’t put it down and when it was over I actually started to tear up a little bit.  It’s just that good of a novella.  This novel stars Kat who’s a fitness instructor.  Kat’s had a pretty rough childhood after her older sister was killed.  Her sister was murdered on Christmas Eve and Kat was the one who found her body.  Her mother developed clinical depression and has attempted suicide three times now.  The first time was when Kat wanted to be a cop.  She had to give up on that dream so that her mother could remain sane.  After the Dragon Wars the Magakind needed all the help that they can get, so Aruther had the Magas work up a spell. The spell had them find all of the lanets that could survive the change.  Kat is one of the many that can, but first she has to be tested.  Tested by the dangerously handsome Ridge Champion.  Ridge is just one of the many vampires that has been chosen to change a lanet, but only if they think that person could handle it.  After a first glance Ridge is intrigued by Kat.  She’s something that he’s never seen before, which is saying a lot.  Kat can handle her own in a fight, and even more importantly, she can fight with a clear head.  He realizes all too soon just how serious Kat is about becoming a Maga.  Because if she’s a Maga then she’d have the power to find the person that killed her sister.  Ridge understands this ans wants to help her, however he also wants to understand what she’s going to go through.  The decision is ultimately his, but it’s partially hers too.  This is a very good urban fantasy novel.  It keeps you hooked, so that you’ll eventually want more than you’re being given.  It shows you how well Angela Knight has developed the plot and where she’s taken it too.  This novella doesn’t distract from her other novels.  It actually helps you to understand how certain things happened before you go on to the actual novel.  There is also quite a bit of romance in this novella, as there should be when it’s about changing someone through three sexual encounters.  When it comes to the actual romance part I was partially relieved because sometimes the authors go over the top with them.  This isn’t the case in this novella.  There’s enough written to be called steamy and more than enough to make you blush.  However, it does jump right into it at times, but since this is technically a short story it’s to be expected.  I did have fun reading this novella and will continue to read it in the future.  With this being said I recommend to all urban fantasy lovers to read this series and not to skip this novella.

*Read on March 8th, 2014

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