Carnal Sin By Allison Brennan

This novel was something else that’s for sure.  It wasn’t a bad novel, but it wasn’t a great one either.  It’s somewhere in between them, but I’m not real sure it’s equally between them either.  I loved the fact that Rafe and Moria finally got together.  That made the novel for me just because I was so happy that she finally admitted her feelings.  I mean it’s only the second novel, but she obviously had feelings for him.  The lead detective on the case is quite a character himself, plus all the drama around him is just a bonus.  It gave a little in each chapter, while trying to keep us interested all at the same time.  Most of the time it worked, but sometimes it didn’t.  In this novel Moria and Rafe are both together yet not quite together.  Moria still considers it her job to protect Rafe from the demons.  While Rafe considers it his job to protect Moria from herself.  This causes quite the friction between the two ans can ultimately distract them from their job.  The Order of St. Micheal’s thinks that Moria’s blood may be the key to killing the demons, so they send someone that Moria knows quite well to take her blood.  Moria herself has had this sinking suspicion that her blood does something to demons, but has yet to prove it.  So when someone she knows comes for her blood she’s very angry about it.  The icing on this particular cake is that they may have found the demon Lust in L.A., the city of angels.  Lust has already attacked two people ans a third target is soon to be on its way.  Moria and Rafe have to get there as soon as possible, but what if the Order of St. Micheal’s doesn’t want them there.  Trouble is brewing within the order.  Anthony is shipped overseas and Skye is trying to keep Santa Louisa together when everything all goes wrong at once.  A band of all female witches known for their sexual acts called up a succubus to do their bidding.  However, when Moria is around plans never go right for anyone.  It doesn’t help any that their leader is crazy and they may have caught the demon Lust instead.  This novel created a mixture of feelings within me.  First off the cover of this novel drew me in and made me believe that it’d have a little more romance to it this time.  While it did have more than the last novel, it wasn’t enough to satisfy me at all.  When it came down to drama this novel definitely has that factor to it.  It’s almost too much drama actually and it starts to make you wonder about the actual plot.  The plot wasn’t that bad, but I feel like it could have been developed a little bit more.  It seemed out of reach to me and that’s sad because I was actually really interested in this one.  This particular novel should have been a real eye catcher just because of the demon in it.  It should have been great or amazing and the fact that it wasn’t kind of depressed me.  It wasn’t a bad novel, by any means.  It just wasn’t what I expected it to be either.

*Read on August 26th, 2015

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