Dark Debt By Chole Neill

I really do love this series.  It has so much i it without making it boring and it teases me way too often.  I wait way too long for these novels to come out, but I enjoy every minute of them when I get a hold of them.  That just tells you how much trust I put in Chloe Neill, because I keep coming back to her novels.  There just that good, mostly for all of the action and suspense in this novel, but also for that bit of romance that you see too.  It makes it worth the wait, for the good quality that I do read.  In this novel Merit and Ethan are in for it big time.  After getting a strange message, in the last novel, the whole house is on high alert.  The message is supposedly left by Ethan’s long dead Master Balthazar.  Balthazar has been dead for decades now and nobody really believes that he’s still alive.  However, the game plan changes when a man that looks and acts like Balthazar shows up at Cadagon House with a bunch of T.V. reporters.  To top it all off a loan shark circle called The Circle are trying to take over Navarre House.  Before Celina died she indebted her house by millions of dollars, all so that she could have the best of everything.  With Morgan’s vampires being attacked in public, it means business.  Ethan is already stressed out enough with his Master back in town and now he has to deal with everyone else’s problem, including his own.  Never one to be forgotten is Miss Merit and the fact that for some reason Balthazar is after her for his own gain, or in this case his own plaything.  She is no longer immune to glamour and it’s hitting her harder than ever now.  She’s getting caught in the most simple of glamours and it’s starting to both worry her and scare her.  If she can’t get this under control, then Balthazar may put her under his control for good.  This is a very exciting paranormal, urban fantasy, romance, and mysterious novel.  With all of these things in it all at once, how could it not be great?  The urban fantasy has to be the best part, because it blends together so well.  It’s hard to make a good urban fantasy novel and then make it so that the reader aren’t bored with it.  This novel flows smoothly from one aspect to another and it makes it very enjoyable.  There’s a hint of romance to it that sneaks up on you when you least expect it.  Making this novel a little more exciting at times.  I loved the mystery in this novel, because it played out through the entire novel.  It was very exciting and makes you flip the pages very fast, just so that you can see who did what.  Overall, it makes for a very good urban fantasy novel and I would recommend to anyone that hasn’t started this series to go to their nearest bookstore and buy a copy.  It’s a keeper and it’s one that I look forward to rereading in the future.

*Read on August 14th, 2015

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