Fireborn By Keri Arthur

When I first saw this novel I was immediately intrigued.  I actually picked up the second one first and then decided to try the first one out.  I gave this novel a try because I trusted Keri Arthur to write me a novel that I would enjoy.  I read many of her novels in the past and have greatly enjoyed many of them to say the least.  This one was no exception either.  I couldn’t wait to read this, because there many novels out there that are written about phoenixes.  I absolutely loved how they were portrayed in this novel too.  There was so much detail given about them, but not all at once.  Which for this novel is a good thing.   It gave me everything that I’d hope it’s be an then some.  In this novel Emberly is the main character and also one of the phoenixes.  Emberly is sometimes graced with visions of the future and in one of these visions she sees Death.  A Man that she used to be in love with will die unless she does something about it.  However, if she does tempt fate then something bad will happen to her.  She’s done this before and has the scars to prove it.  The one thing that Emberly is good at is tempting fate and that’s exactly what she does.  She ends up saving her ex and as a result is now being hunted by the so called Red Cloaks.  Hell, they’ve already killed her boss and quite possibly another one like him.  So the fact that she’s now on their menu shouldn’t really bother her that much.  Except, that she’s not only on their menu, but a hunky fire Fae’s and now her ex and his team too.  Just another hard day’s work for Miss Emberly and quite possibly her mate Rory.  That is until she’s drugged, kidnapped, lied to, and beaten the crap out of.  This is enough to make any girl angry and even more so when that girl isn’t even human.  So to say that she wants to get even is a little bit downgraded to what she really wants.  Finding out who killed her boss is at the top of her list and there’s no telling who could be next.  This is just another great novel in Keri Arthur’s archive.  It’s so full of danger and mystery, not to mention some hot romance here and there.  It’s the perfect urban fantasy novel for a day at the house.  The cover of this novel is just fantastic and actually says a whole lot more than you’d expect it to.  It shows both her spirit side and her human side with the beauty that comes with each.  There was some overall plot twists within this novel and it went along quite well.  It kick started everything into the next scene and then the next one after that.  The romance in this novel wasn’t that bad either.  It’s more of a subtle thing then going all out right in the first chapter.  I allowed more time for ass-kicking and gun fighting, or in this case firefighting.  For the start of a brand new series it isn’t that bad.  It draws you in and makes you stay up late at night reading it, even when you have something else to do the next day.  These are the best kind of novels and it certainly was that.  If you’re an urban fantasy lover then you’ll certainly love this novel.

*Read on August 29th, 2015

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