Harmony’s Way By Lora Leigh

I was actually very shocked to find that Jonas had a sister.  Not only a sister, but a badass sister that has no problem getting her hands dirty.  She’s just the kind of woman that I’d love to hang out with.  She runs her life as she sees it and doesn’t do what others say very well.  Even her nickname in the Breed community sounds fierce some.  Harmony made this novel what it is and in my honest opinion, it was a badass novel.  Her mate is a different story for me, because in my mind he looks completely different.  This was based on my thoughts of him in the last novel.  In this novel the main characters are Harmony and Lance.  Harmony is in danger and has been for all of her life.  She’s the killer that the Council wanted her to be and proves it with every kill.  She was so effective that they even gave her a nickname that was supposed to strike fear in others.  Now Harmony is on her own and she’s being hunted.  Hunted by a man that would kill her if he ever got his hands on her.  Her very own brother, Jonas.  Harmony killed their mother when they all escaped from the labs.  She believes that Jonas wants revenge and that he’ll stop at nothing to get it.  However, Jonas has his own plans for her and that plan just happens to involve Lance.  Lance is a roughened man that is just trying to do the right thing and protect his town.  This has been difficult for him lately, since all the Breeds had arrived.  It seems like nothing is going right for him when he needs it to.  After a series of events that made for a hard day on Lance’s part he went to a bar based on his instincts.  Harmony was at the same bar to let her loose and hopefully to get laid.  Well, that’s exactly what happened and it tied them closer than they would have thought.  Lance is now stuck with Harmony based on Jonas’ orders.  This doesn’t sit well with either of them and to top it off there’s something going on in his town that he doesn’t like.  Only a Breed would be able to help him out and Harmony is definitely a Breed.  The cover of this novel actually wasn’t that bad.  It draws you in a little bit at a time.  Just enough to be curious enough to pick it up.  The novel itself wasn’t bad at all.  It is once again a combination of urban fantasy and romance, with just a hint of kickass.  The urban fantasy in this novel is superb.  It keeps you on your toes until you actually find out what is happening.  This is a good thing to have in a novel.  The romance is just the same old romance.  The boy wants the girl and the girl wants the boy, but also wants to keep him at bay.  It’s a plot that we’ve all read before and will probably read again in the future.  The best part about this novel was the ass-kicking that Harmony did.  She’s the perfect example of a modern day woman with mad skills.  This made the novel what it is and what it will be.

*Read on May 11th, 2015

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