I Hunger For You By Susan Sizemore

This novel was very interesting to me from the start.  I wasn’t as invested in this novel as I was with the others, just because the characters weren’t really mentioned before.  I did like the fact that they seemed kind of young and forgetful.  All the he-man power was starting to get to me after a while and not in a good way.  Not in a swooning at his feet, more of a really-just-leave-her-be kind of way.  Mia was awesome in all her glory.  She’s like the perfect role model for any woman who wants to be fit and independent.  She’s totally rocking it too, until that sexy man comes into her life.  In this novel the main characters are Colin and Mia.  Colin is still searching for the patron, whom he let get away in the last novel.  He’s sworn that he’d take care of the issue and destroy any progress that the Patron’s made in discovering immortality.  Instead of doing all of this Colin is following Mia around while she’s unaware.  He can’t get her out of his head and it’s bothering him to the point that he has to find her.  Mia has spent her whole life working out just in case a vampire tries to attack her.  Her grandmother made her promise to do so and when she passed away Mia did.  While Mia was jogging into the park a vampire attacked her.  Colin had ended up following her and also saved her from her attacker.  Mia is certain that there’s something fishy going on with Colin yet she can’t prove it.  So when she starts losing pieces of her memory, only to have them come back to her all wrong, she starts to wonder.  While Colin keeps acting funny Mia is bound and determined to get help hunting down vampires.  And who better to go to than her great grandfather, a man who’s been fascinated by them for decades now.  Everything would be going well for Mia, if the fact that even more vampires keep attacking her weren’t the problem.  Now she must team up with Colin and his people to take care of a problem that’s all because of her. This novel is a good example of young and naïve romance.  The characters in this novel act as both, so it all goes together very well.  For an urban fantasy novel it wasn’t that bad.  It had all the right aspects going for it, so the fact that it was also a romance novel helped boost up its imagine.  It’s not an overly sappy romance novel either, which is a good thing.  It has its moments, but those are few and far between.  In this novel the characters are both striving for the same goal without knowing it.  I won’t consider this a plot twist, but I would consider this to be pretty interesting for the plot.  All in all this wasn’t a bad novel.  I still don’t see why more people haven’t discovered Susan Sizemore.  She’s a very talented author that has a lot going for her.  She writes fantastic novels that keep you wanting more, but it seems like nobody cares about her novels.  So if you want a good urban fantasy and romance novel then look at the first one in this series, because this is a good series.  It’s one to be read over and over again.

*Read on August 31st, 2015

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