I Thirst For You By Susan Sizemore

I don’t know why I haven’t heard of Susan Sizemore before.  Her novels aren’t all that bad, there actually quite exceptional.  This novel in particular had me jumping up and down with joy.  I don’t get to read many novels that involve a kidnapper/kidnape romance and this is exactly what I got.  It certainly didn’t disappoint me and I’m only sorry that i hadn’t read it any sooner.  I read this novel in no time, because of how good the story’s plot was.  The characters went so great with this novel that it’s almost too perfect.  I’m so glad that I own this novel, because it’s one that I’ll definitely reread over and over again.  In this novel the main characters are Jo and Marcus.  Jo is a pilot that’s being haunted by her last flight.  Since the accident she’s been able to hear others thoughts more clearly and they’re starting to take their toll on her.  Hoping to find some peace she takes a weeklong trip into the desert by herself.  At the same moment, Marcus escapes from his prison and hears Jo’s emotional call.  After finding her, he decides to keep her for himself.  Being kidnapped probably wasn’t on Jo’s plan for her trip, but she also shouldn’t have been camping alone either.  Marcus thinks he recognizes her for what she is to him, his bondmate, so keeping her is his most likely choice.  However, Marcus needs to run and run fast.  There are crazy people after him that want to use him in their experiments.  Torturing him until he reveals the secret to long lives.  He won’t let them take him back and now on top of that he has a female to watch out for.  Jo doesn’t make it easy on him either.  Trying to get away is becoming one of her specialties and she does it rather well.  That is until she’s caught each time, but it’s the thought that counts.  The people who want Marcus back will stop at nothing to get him.  Even if it means harming Jo in the process.  So when a few traps are set to lure him out Marcus has to use his wits to protect himself and Jo.  Their lives depend on it now more than ever.  This novel had a very good plot to it.  It wasn’t very slow or fast, it has a nice pace to it that makes it exciting to read.  It’s a romance novel with an exciting plot that every woman wants to be in.  The risk of exposure and the thought of actually flight makes it all the more stimulating to the reader.  The cover of this novel went right along with the plot.  It was a little enticing, but not overly enticing.  It didn’t mislead the reader into thinking that it’s nothing but a sex novel.  This is an urban fantasy novel that sidelines as a romance novel.  I would recommend this novel to anyone that wants to read a good quality novel by a little known author.  It’s a very good read and one that deserves a little credit to it.  You won’t be disappointed if you pick up this novel.  It’s definitely worth your time.

*Read on August 30th, 2015

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