Jacob’s Faith By Lora Leigh

This was an interesting novel to read, for me anyways.  Mostly because it was nothing like I imagined it would be.  I had gotten a little sneak peek into this novel from a previous one and from my take on that one I’d say that it was intriguing.  It seems that Jacob was threatening to physically harm her in some way and that she was scared of him.  However, what I read was far from that and it was extremely delightful to read.  Faith is by far my favorite wolf Breed so far and it’s going to take a lot for me to day that she’s not.  She made this novel interesting and most importantly funny.  Two of the most important things for me in a female character.  In this novel Faith had been without Jacob for six years now.  Combine that with the separation of the mating heat and Faith is one unhappy woman.  She’s very irritable and gets very cranky without her toys and coffee.  She’s been told by her Alpha that she needs to go find Jacob and to give him a letter.  Any place that Jacob’s in is too close for Faith, so she refuses to take it, but ends up going anyways.  So she finds Jacob alright, but not in America.  Jacob is on a mission in another country when Faith waltz right into his life again.  He’s tried to stay away from her for her own good and so far it’s worked out.  When Faith hands him a letter he’s immediately on high alert.  The letter is from the man that Jacob recognizes as his Alpha and it’s telling him to mate with Faith all the way.  Now the problem is that Faith wants nothing to do with him and that the person he wants is determined to kill either him or her.  Most likely she, so his job is now harder to do and with a grumpy she wolf around he’ll never find his killer.  Faith doesn’t help by antagonizing him either.  She’s determined to make this as painful as possible for Jacob and she’s loving the fact that it’s his turn to squirm.  This is more of a romance novel that just happens to be urban fantasy too.  Throughout the whole novel you’ll see specks of romance I the air or at least attempts at it.  The fact that the characters are part animal means nothing of the sorts.  For an urban fantasy novel it isn’t that bad of a plot.  The basics are already down, so all that’s left is the action and adventure.  The main character was flawless in my opinion.  She was portrayed as a weak woman, but was turned into a fierce and strong-willed woman.  It was the perfect setup for this plot and it was done excellently.  She went right along with all the ass-kicking and gun-toting men.  It was perfect for this novel and I would recommend it for a fantasy lover.

*Read on May 20th, 2015

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