Lion’s Heat By Lora Leigh

I found this novel to be very interesting when it came to its characters.  I had been waiting to read all about Jonas for a while now and was quite surprised by what I read.  Jonas has a lot of issues going on with him and it’s really hard to keep track of them all.  I mean don’t get me wrong, Jonas always sounded like a sexy badass, but his problems have problems and can be to much sometimes.  It’s the same with Rachel as well.  She has her own problems and they tend to distract me from the rest of her.  She’s supposed to be sexy, confident, and a stubborn woman and by all means she is.  It’s just that all the problems in this novel distract from all of that and then some.  In this novel the two main characters are Jonas and Rachel.  Rachel is a firecracker herself, who doesn’t need a man controlling her life.  She’d been abandoned by men often in her short life and has learned to live without them.  Not just for her sake, but for her daughter’s sake as well.  Rachel had been abandoned in Switzerland by her daughter’s father shortly after she told him that she was pregnant.  She was rescued by the Prima after a call for help and to repay her debit she became Jonas’ personal assistant.  Since then Jonas has just had one bad day after another.  First, all of his assistants leave and now she’s stuck with one that’s pregnant.  To make matters worse she’s not leaving and Jonas knows that she’s his mate.  Fast forward to the present and he has a mate that’s been beaten and is screaming at him that someone took her baby.  Now Jonas being Jonas goes on a rampage and ends up getting her house blown up to bits.  Now they have a baby that has an unknown substance in her system and Jonas’ house that they all have to share.  All of this combined with trying to find the culprit and killing, or maybe capturing, him.  This leaves Jonas with a mate that is not willing to say that she’s his and all of the wonderful stress that comes with it.  Jonas is already on the edge and it won’t take much to push him over it.  Rachel doesn’t know if she wants to push him off or jump off with him.  This was a very excellent novel to read.  It had a lot of action and adventure to it that some of the others didn’t have.  This made it exciting to read and very easy to follow.  There’s quite a bit going on in the first half of the novel.  With all that going on it made this novel really hard to put down. It sinks its claws into you and doesn’t let you go.  It’s quite the thriller to.  All the action in this novel really made the whole novel.  As a reader you keep looking forward to it, so it’s all you can think about.  This distracts from the romance of the novel, but at times the romance itself can also be distracting.  Combining both together made for a pretty good novel.  It’s one that’s been anticipated for a while now, and it was quite a pleasing one at that.

*Read on September 10th, 2015

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