Master of Darkness By Susan Sizemore

I was actually hoping that Susan Sizemore would make a novel about the Tribes.  The fact that she did made me very giddy and extremely excited.  This novel was excellently made to me.  The characters made me laugh on multiple occasions and I really did love them all.  I mean honestly, how could you not love a dangerously sexy man, with long hair, and a to die for grin.  I certainly didn’t and I did so with great pleasure too.  Your imagination goes wild with this novel, creating new scenes in just a blink of an eye.  I’m glad that I own this novel, because I get to reread it again in the future.  The main characters in this novel are Eden and Laurent.  Eden is a vampire hunter that is supposed to partner up with a vampire for a new mission.  A new drug has been made available to Tribe vampire, so that they can walk into the sunlight.  It’s making them crazy and even more dangerous to the public.  Eden had been a vampire hunter for years now, but she’s never actually had to kill one before.  All she really wants to do is to see her volcanoes again, but instead her family calls her in to take up this mission.  She can be completely stubborn when she wants to be and she isn’t afraid to show her tough side either.  Both of these things are a major turn on for Laurent.  After helping his father out Laurent is now on the run from all Tribes.  Because he not only stole his father’s money, but he also doesn’t want to live as a Tribe vampire any longer.  This is easier said than done when it comes to quitting a Tribe.  Laurent is a wickedly, handsome vampire who knows exactly what he wants, when he sees it.  So when he sees Eden fall in front of him to protect him from Tribe vampire, he knows that he must have her.  Even if it means lying to her in the process of things.  To woe this vampire hunter Laurent must act as a different man, in hopes that she’ll not only help him, but go to bed with him too.  For a novel about the Tribes it wasn’t that bad.  I was hoping for a bit more, but then again I didn’t write this novel. In this novel we have more action than romance.  By no means does this actually mean that there wasn’t any, because there is indeed.  I just prefer the action instead of the romance.  Although for this novel to be a good one it does need its romance portion too.  It’s hard to say that this is a romance novel, because it’s not the usual romance.  It has a harder edge t it then most, which makes it rather exciting at times too.  The overall feel of this novel is sort of romantic with quite a big punch to it.  This may sound rather confusing, but I’m confident that once you read this novel you’ll get what I mean.  I would recommend that you read this novel, because it’s certainly one that you’ll never forget about.

*Read on September 2nd, 2015

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