The Mage In Black By Jaye Wells

This is the second novel in the Sabina Kane series and it’s just as exciting as the first one.  There was a lot all going on at once, so it got a little confusing at times.  I didn’t see as that though, because Jaye Wells gave us a plot twist that I was looking forward to reading.  After everything that I’ve read I came to term with the fact that it’ll be jam-packed full of information.  It’s full of action too, which makes it perfect in my book.  In this novel Sabina is still coming to terms with the fact that she has a twin sister.  She still doesn’t quite believe it and won’t until she actually sees her in person.  She’s having a hard time trusting anyone at this point and the only person who she even remotely trust is Adam.  She already thinks that he has his own agenda for her and his kind.  There are reasons why she doesn’t get too close to anyone and Adam is already trying to get too close.  This could cause some problems with her, because she’s already a target for all the vampires.  If she becomes one for the witches then there’d be an even bigger problem.  Adam is in the process of bringing Sabina to his own Council, but not without a few bumps in the road.  Adam has feelings for Sabina that he can’t quite explain, but he’s willing to try.  The only thing is that’s in the way of this is Sabina herself.  He’s still trying to earn her trust while still doing the job that he was sent to do.  This complicates things with them, because Adam takes his duty way to serious sometimes and leaves Sabina grasping for a line.  Once Sabina reaches her destination she’s taken to see her sister and then inducted into Priestess hood. After this a strange owl starts to follow her around and she gets the feeling that someone is out to kill her again.  She’s being spied on and someone keeps reporting her every move.  While all this is going on she starts receiving magic lessons from Adam’s aunt.  This is to help her control herself, but what if it just makes her a bigger target.  This novel is a classic case of urban fantasy extreme.  It was quite a read on account of all the action and kick-ass moves that were made by the main character.  The main character was well written in her role as an ass-kicking, name taking, brooding, moody, and wickedly hot woman.  Her role in the plot was beautiful and it played out so well that I had to reread it again.  The plot twist in this novel was quite surprising.  Then again the whole twin thing in the first novel was quite surprising too.  This means a lot to a reader, because with plot twists they don’t ever get bored with a novel right off the bat.  It’s a clever way of doing it, but even a great novel can become confusing if there are too many.  This is a very good novel and I would recommend this novel to any urban fantasy lovers.  It draws you in and provides so many great scenes that you won’t be able to put it down.

*Read on June 1st, 2015

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