Tied With A Bow: An Inconvenient Mate By Lora Leigh

I actually found myself enjoying this little novella very much.  It really surprised me on a lot of accounts, mostly because it involves a coyote Breed and we haven’t really seen much of them lately.  This novella presented some new characters and information, all of whom I assume will be brought up in later novels.  It was brought in subtly instead of abruptly. By doing this is made it easier for me to read and made it more interesting too.  This novella was way better than the last one and made me want to read more after it was already done.  The main characters in this novella were Malachi and Isabelle.  Malachi is one of the Russian coyotes that came over with the Coya years ago.  He’s very good at detecting lies from others and is good at noticing reactions in others that most people would miss.  It’s this sixth sense in him that noticed the deep pain and hurt on Isabelle.  The kind of hurt that a lot of the female Breeds got in the labs.  This only draws Malachi closer to her, but the fact that she’s his mate is what made it concrete.  Isabelle is of Navajo decent and is the niece of the Tribe’s Chief.  She’s worked for her uncle for years now and they’ve brought her towards questionable people at times.  This time it’s bringing her closer to the Breeds.  Very close to the Breeds.  But it’s not just any Breed that’s caught Isabelle’s eye.  That spot it reserved for Malachi only.  After seeing him in the bar he’s all she can think about.  He interested her so much that she even placed a bet with him.  She wants him to play tag, and right now he’s it.  Isabelle just doesn’t realize how far this game might actually go or what the consequences of it would be.  The Breeds are in town because they need the Nation’s help finding a killer Breed.  One that may be hiding in their own backyard.  This novella was both a romance and action one.  The romance in this novella was absolutely fantastic.  It had me hanging by my toes in anticipation.  It was something new that went along so beautifully that I almost teared up a bit.  The plot was so finely written that it almost made it a complete romance novella.  The only think keeping it from being one would be the action at the end.  It was very quick and abrupt, but nonetheless it made it a good ending.  A good ending needs some action here and there, and this novella had that.  It almost wasn’t enough for my taste, but the romantic part of the novella made up for it.  I would recommend this novella to anyone that is willing to take this series as far as I have.  Lora Leigh does have her ups and downs, but she still makes some good stories to tell us.

*Read on September 29th, 2015

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