The Magical Christmas Cat: Christmas Heat By Lora Leigh

    I’m still very surprised at the fact that I’m still reading this series.  I know I’ve said this before, but if you think about it how many novels are actually in this series, including all the novellas.  A damn lot, that’s how many!  So I think I’m aloud to continue saying this in… Continue reading The Magical Christmas Cat: Christmas Heat By Lora Leigh

Blue-Blooded Vamp By Jaye Wells

Ah, all the things that I could say about this novel, yet no time to say it.  As far as the final novel in this series goes, it wasn’t that bad of a read.  I actually spent the better part of my day reading through this one.  The fact that I had actually kept putting… Continue reading Blue-Blooded Vamp By Jaye Wells

Silver-Tongued Devil By Jaye Wells

The cover of this novel wasn’t actually that bad.  I did enjoy looking at it, to a certain extent.  But only because staring at the cover for over a half hour is kind of creepy.  It’s actually pretty compelling in a weird way, because it’s like it beckons you when you’re doing the most random… Continue reading Silver-Tongued Devil By Jaye Wells

Shifter: A Jaguar’s Kiss By Lora Leigh

This is a novella that was written by four different authors.  One of those authors happens to be Lora Leigh, author of the Breeds novels.  This novella is part of the Breeds series and is between a Cajun jaguar shifter named Saban Broussard and a Tennessee school teacher named Natalie Riccio.  Saban managed to escape… Continue reading Shifter: A Jaguar’s Kiss By Lora Leigh