A Kiss of Shadows By Laurell K. Hamilton

When I first picked up this novel I was needless to say intrigued. However, I was a little unsure of it because while the cover was very enticing I felt like I had already read this novel before. Not because I had actually read this book, but because I’ve read a lot of novels similar to it. I did decide to give this book a chance though and I have to say that it was one of the best novels that I’ve read so far. The main character Meredith Gentry has so much depth and passion to her that it makes you want to crawl inside her skin to become her. Whereas with the men in her life, Doyle, Frost, Sholto, Galen, and Rhys, it makes you want to crawl into Merry’s skin so that they could be inside yours. All of the main characters are very different from each other, yet Laurell K. Hamilton made each one detailed in different ways with many different personalities. The surprise to this is that it actually worked very well throughout this whole novel. Something else that also turned out very well for this novel was the first chapter itself. Throughout this novel Meredith Gentry is a private investigator for Grey Detective Agency for those with Supernatural Problems who need Magical Solutions. Nobody really knows that she is actually Princess Meredith NicEssus, or that her Aunt the Queen of Air and Darkness of the Unseelie Sidth, or Dark Fae Court, really wants her dead. Although a few might suspect it, none really know. Her day starts out with her very own obituary staring out at her from her computer screen at work. It was placed there as her screen saver so that she’d have no choice but to read it. It goes on to tell her the exact date and time of her death along with where it would all take place. Merry assumes that one of her Aunt’s minions has found her and rushes to leave Los Angeles. Little does she know that that’s exactly what Sholto wants. This places Merry in a wild turn of events where she is eventually taken to the Queen and ultimately forced to do her bidding. The Queen is nowhere near friendly as she craves the blood of her tortured victims and of her lovers as well. So with no choice in the matter Merry Gentry comes out of hiding and becomes Princess Meredith NicEssus for her Beloved Aunt once again. This is all that I am willing to reveal on this novel at the moment. It will however leave you wanting more with a craving so fierce that it’ll make you weep. This is truly a great novel and I don’t ever regret picking it up.

*Read November 13, 2014

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