Aiden’s Charity By Lora Leigh

Once you get past all the unnecessary word usage, such as cream and froth, it’s actually not that bad of a story. The cover isn’t that appealing to me, because if books could be B rated then this novel would be. Lora Leigh knows how to make a decent story plot for sure, Her only problem is that she covers it up with so many descriptive words that it can get lost at times. This novel is one of her wolf Breed novels, and it features Aiden and Charity. Charity is a mole that has been implanted into the council’s labs to help rescue the Breeds. She helped to free Aiden six years past, and while in the process of it she became bonded to him. She’s a smart and honest woman, who is afraid to let her feelings truly show. This tends to get in the way of things when she needs to show her true emotions, but refuses to do so. Aiden is a wolf Breed with a fierce need for revenge. He feels that Charity betrayed him, while she was trying to save him. This has been growing inside of him for six years now and is to the point that if he even sees her he thinks that he’d hurt her somehow. Aiden is one of those men that hold onto the past for so long that he doesn’t see whats really happening right in front of him. In the first chapter of this novel Charity is trying to escape from one of the Council’s compounds. She had finally been captured while trying to help the Winged Breeds escape. After she had been caught the Council then found out the she was bonded to a Breed and they used her for all sorts of experiments. Some that included cutting her open and inserting drugs and cameras into her body. Charity had managed to get out of the labs, but while running through the mountains she falls from bleeding profusely. Aiden ends up finding her and just stares at her until she passes out. He then takes her and gives her to the Breeds Doctor. He’s still mad t her and waits to move her to safety, even though she could end up dying. The conflict in this novel is already thickened enough between theses two, so it makes sense that there’d be even more going on. Both of the characters are stubborn, pig-headed, and thinks their always in the right , while the other is in the wrong. This makes for and extremely entertaining novel as they both butt heads quite often. I found this novel to not only be humorous, but also a little bit depressing to say the least. Overall, it’s not a bad novel, but I won’t say that it’s a great one either.

*Read on June 6th, 2015

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