Beyond the Dark: In a Wolf’s Embrace By Lora Leigh

I’m still not one hundred percent behind all of the Breed novels, but that’s only because of all the descriptive wording being used.  There’s always too many in one paragraph and it starts to get exhausting at a certain point.  Most of Lora Leigh’s novels have horrendous covers, but this one actually had a pretty good one.  This could possibly be because it’s a novella and is shared with three other authors.  However, no matter the reason I’ll take it anyways.  This novella is actually about Grace and Matthias.  Grace is a shy and timid girl that can be quite a hell cat when provoked.  She tries to open up to people, but only after she’s known them for quite some time.  Unless you happen to rescue her from a would-be mugger.  Then she might actually trust you a whole lot more.  Matthias is a wolf Breed assassin that was sent to kill a dangerous target.  He can be a patient guy that also has a dangerous side to him, mostly because of his job.  He’s been free of the labs for six years now and proves his freedom by doing things that the Council forbid against.  In the first chapter Matthias is waiting for his target to get home.  He’s been lying in wait for a while now and is a very patient man when he wants to be.  He had just gotten done eliminating his target when he heard a gasp behind him.  Grace had walked into the apartment and has seen what Matthias had done.  While under a certain time frame Matthias grabbed Grace and took her out of the hotel.  After getting her out he more or less kidnaps her, so he can explain what see saw.  However, Grace wants nothing to do with him and is refusing to believe anything that he says.  This creates the perfect problem for any story and while it’s a great story plot, it’s also one that is very over used.  The character in this story made me want to cry at one point, because they’re so emotional.  This made me connect with them on an emotional level, but not because I had killed someone.  This novel is a great deal of many things and it’s very hard to describe them.  Mostly because there both good and bad, so it’s hard to balance them at times.  This novel has that fun, edgy, and wild side theme to it that makes me wish it was a little bit longer.  However, all stories have to come to an end and this story has already ended for me.

*Read on June 7th, 2015

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