Dawn’s Awakening By Lora Leigh

    Sometimes I surprise myself with how far I gotten in this series.  Lora Leigh’s Breed series aren’t super fantastic, but they are definitely interesting.  This novel is one of the feline Breeds novels and is probably one of the most anticipated one at that. I found the cover of this novel to be very tasteful actually.  It shows quite a bit without giving too much away, and that’s what we want in our covers.  This novel is about our very tortured, both emotionally and physically, Dawn and her mate Seth.  Dawn was abused at a very young age in the labs and because of this she’s repressed most of what she knew had happened.  This has turned her into a very hard, cold, and calculating person that will do whatever it takes to get things done.  Most of the male Breeds fear her, if only because of the tricks that she plays on them, which can be rather stressful to them all.  Seth is the older brother of Roni and Dawn’s mate, only if could come to realize it herself.  He’s never made any intention that he wouldn’t love to be with her.  He adores her, but is willing to let her come to terms with what’s haunting her first.  In the first chapter in this novel Dawn is told that she has to guard Seth.  There had been a couple of attempts on his life, and since he’s a very important asset to the Breeds they can’t afford to lose him.  Dawn hasn’t seen Seth in ten years and because of this the mating heat had died down in Seth.  This drives Dawn crazy since now that he’s moved on, he’s engaged, she can’t have him.  Dawn and Seth fight over this because Seth doesn’t want Dawn to be on his security detail.  He feels like Dawn would purposely start the mating heat up again and make it worse.  This is of course close to what Dawn wants to do, but not quite it.  This was actually one of my favorite novels to read out of this series.  I’d been waiting for this novel to come around, so of course that made the anticipation even harder to resist.  The plot to this novel made me not want to put this back down.  It had me hooked from the first chapter and then it had me hooked for the day.  The plot for this novel just kept up with the action.  It just kept thickening which was a very nice surprise, because it added new information, with what seems like interesting new characters.  This was a very good novel and I recommend it to others as well.  I look forward to reading the next installment to this series, as well as the others to it also.

*Read on June 15th, 2015

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