Fall From India Place By Samantha Young

Once again Samantha Young had me captivated by one of her novels. The main character Hannah Nichols has such a sorrowful past that it makes you want to cry along with her. Hannah is such a strong-willed woman that there’s never really a reason for her to cry. With this as a combination in a character you’d expect her to either be shy or wimpy, but she really is a strong woman with a cheerful personality that can almost be called bubbly. I wouldn’t recommend, to a lot of people, to put both of these characteristics in a person, but for Hannah’s character it ended up working out rather well. The second main character in this novel is Marco D’Alessandro. Marco is your average silent and brooding type of guy. He has issues with his family and his past is so bad that you’d need to stab him just to get it out of him. When women dream of a tall, smoking hot, tan toned man they think of Marco and oh boy do they think. Marco is commonly the man we all think of when we think of a sexy bad boy. Although, in this case I wouldn’t really consider him a bad boy. The novel starts out with Hannah being twenty two, but she starts to have flashbacks of her high school days when her mom asks her to go through some boxes. She remembers the very first time that she ever met Marco in her first flashback. She had missed the bus, due to a teacher wanting to talk to her, and had decided just to walk home. The problem with this is that a bully and his friends started to pick on her to the point that it almost turned into rape. Hannah was fourteen at the time and very shy, so while she kept saying no, they kept advancing. Suddenly, this dark shadow appeared out of nowhere and the bully went flying back. Marco, being an upper classman, had seen what was going on and had a flashback himself. He stood up for Hannah and even walked her home to make sure that nothing happened to her on the way there. He did this for three years, until he left her without even a goodbye. Even though I did see a few things coming it still made a good read for me. This is a sexy, romantic, heart pounding novel that I never wanted to put down. I look forward to rereading it again in the future too.

*Read on June 2, 2015

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