Spider’s Bite By Jennifer Estep

When I first laid eyes on this novel I was shopping in Wal-Mart and at the very last minute I had decided to get a book. I had been walking down the aisles when the title of the novel just happened to catch my eye. The spine was facing toward me out of the fantasy section with the picture of a hand face out with a symbol burned into it. I of course had to pick it up and once I did I didn’t want to put it back down again. The main character in this novel is Gin Blanco, who leads the secret life of an assassin known as The Spider. She was taken in by the Tin Man at a young age, after her whole family was killed by a fire elemental called Mab Monroe. Mab Monroe is the mother of all mob bosses in Ashland, because she single handedly controls The Underground. She killed Gin’s mother and two sister’s out of spite for a long past grudge between her and Gin’s mother. Gin’s character is supposed to seem like a cold-hearted woman that does what she thinks is right for other people. However, I see her as more of an aloof person with a kind heart towards those in need. Perhaps this is what really makes her character pop for me, because she can be so many things at once and still rock it all. Mab Monroe’s character is just exactly as she sounds. She’s a very cold person that wants as much power as she can get her hands on. Which is quite a lot since she kills whoever has more power than her and drains it from them basically. The fact that she gives no mercy to anyone is what makes her the, almost, perfect villain in my eyes. Both of these characters make this novel an action-filled wonderland for adults when combined together. The first chapter is proof of this when Gin steals the spotlight by killing a rapist with a ball-point pen and killing a therapist with a common, everyday screw. This all jumps out at you and makes you not want to put the novel down once you picked it up. You get so caught up in the action that you don’t realize how late in the day it’s getting. This is definitely a novel for any person who loves action and a woman who knows how to kick ass. It’s a raw, action-packed, ass kicking novel that knows how to draw you in from the very first page. I’ve personally reread this novel about four times now since the first day that I bought it. That’s how hooked Jennifer Estep has gotten me to these novels and to their main character Gin too. I would recommend to anybody who loves a little fiction in their lives to pick up this novel and give it a try.

*Read on November 6th, 2012

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