Navarro’s Promise By Lora Leigh

   This was a rather surprising novel because of the characters in it.  The main character was mentioned in the novel Elizabeth’s Wolf and that novel as a long time ago.  It was so long ago that I had actually forgotten about her.  This novel went rather fast, which is just perfect for me.  I loved all the drama that went with the characters.  All of the struggles they went through were just great.  It really brings out the good in Lora Leigh when I see a novel this well thought out.  In this novel the main characters are Navarro and Mica.  Navarro is a wolf Breed who’s had a rough life.  He used to be Alpha of his pack, but decided to let Gunner have the title.  Since then he’s been fighting his urges to command people.  It’s hard to be something that you’re not and in Navarro’s case he’s trying to be as close to submissive as possible.  This is getting harder and harder for him to do, because the closer he gets to Mica the more his domineering side wants out.  She tempts him like no other and the best part for him is the fact that she can’t be his mate.  Mica is a different matter altogether.  Mica is Cassie’s best friend, and has been since they first met when they were young.  Mica is often brought to Haven whenever Dash thinks that Cassie is going into overload.  Mica has tried over the years to be a strong independent woman and has succeed in her own way.  She has her own career started and is even trying to work her way up.  Unfortunately this is near to impossible when you’re known to work for the Breeds.  So when Mica is found running for her life after being beaten by Council coyotes Navarro steps up.  The Council wants Mica for something and it could very well be Cassie that they’re actually after.  They need to keep Mica alive, because if they take her it’s the equivalent of taking Cassie as well.  For the safety of both Cassie and Haven the Breeds will do everything in their power to keep her alive.  Even if Mica doesn’t want them to.  This novel is a romance novel through and through.  This isn’t a bad thing either, because it’s supposed to be a romance novel.  Even though this is a romance novel it’s also has quite a bit of action in it as well.  The action helps to spice it up when it starts to go bland after a while.  It helps to quicken the pace and show us that not everything is about happy endings.  It shows the struggles that the main characters go through and how they help each other out of them. This causes tension in the novel and this novel needs tension in it.  It shows the wonderful combination of romance and anger.  This makes for a very exciting novel and this novel was actually pretty exciting.  If you can read this far into a series then I would recommend that you read this novel.  It’s not that bad and can hook you in after the first page.

*Read on September 29th, 2015


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