Primal: Primal Kiss By Lora Leigh

I’m not entirely sure that what I just read was a part of the Breed series.  It seems to me that it was a novella that was supposed to stand alone, because that’s exactly what it did.  There really wasn’t a connection to the last few novels at all and it had me wondering why I was actually bothering to read it.  This very rarely happens to me, but when it does I find myself more bored than anything.  I haven’t done a bad review on this series in a while and unfortunately this novella broke that streak, because it really wasn’t a good novella.  It really didn’t need to be written because it was very pointless.  The two main characters in this novella are Kita and Creed.  Kita is a very spoiled princess that’s used to getting what she wants.  However, what she desperately wants is her father’s love and lately it seems like he doesn’t want to give it.  Kita loves all of her family and her friends unconditionally and with everything she has.  So it’s very hard on her when a lot of the time it just goes unnoticed by others.  What changes Kita’s mind about everything is when her father backhands her for telling him the truth.  This moves up Kita’s plans to leave and she doesn’t think she’ll be coming back either.  Creed is one of the best Breed Special Ops that they have.  This is because he doesn’t let his emotions get to him, even in the toughest times.  He’s very cold and calculating at times, which makes him perfect for this job.  It’s Creed’s job to watch Kita, just in case he needs to kidnap her for Jonas.  So when Creed sees Kita’s father strike her he gets in his way and tries to defuse the situation.  After he finds Kita gone he goes hunting.  He’s known for quite some time now that she was going to run, so it didn’t come as a surprise for him.  Creed knows exactly where she’s going and he knows that he can get there quicker than her too.  So the only question that needs to be answered is whether or no she’ll run again.  The novella is a romance novel only.  All it has in it is romance, instead of action and adventure too.  The romance is the classic bad boy meets the good girl story.  This doesn’t make it a bad story, but it does make it a much overused one.  It’s a classic girl runs and boy follows story plot too.  After this the plot starts to get really dull.  All the romance in it is great and all, but it needs to be spiced up quite a bit.  It’s too dull all the time, not even for a little while.  It’s one of the worst novellas that Lora Leigh has ever written in her career as a writer.  I’m not entirely sure that I’d actually recommend this to anybody.  It’s just that bad and not worth reading.

*Read on September 27th, 2015


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