Sacrificed: Heart Beyond The Spires By Bey Deckard

I really enjoyed reading this novel, even after reading the first one.  I couldn’t wait to get the next two in this series, so when I got them I started reading them right away.  This series is just that good.  I’m not usually into male on male action, but this novel went deeper than that.  It’s the plot that actually had me hooked.  The characters did help with this, because their now fine-tuned to each other.  Their so interwoven that it brings about a whole new outlook on who they really are.  Which is actually kind of hot in the long run of things.  The main characters are still the same; Jon, Ton, and Baltsaros.  Since the last novel Jon and Tom have gotten together for their own little thing.  Tom is still wary of Baltsaros, since the last time he saw him he was whipped.  Baltsaros had broken his promise to Tom and because of this he’s now paying the price for it.  Jon knows what Tom is going through, somewhat, so when he goes to comfort him one thing leads to another.  They find that they go together quite nicely and have even started to experiment with it.  Baltsaros is going through his own demons now and can’t find a source to let it all out.  He used to do it with Tom, but since Tom won’t have anything to do with him he’s out of options.  To help him escape his demons forever he sets sail to a new destination.  One that he hopes can cure him.  The path to these mysterious islands is dangerous and could kill them all the same.  Because they have something that needs to be feared and Tom knows exactly what it means to fear.  They all need to stick together, but what happens when Baltsaros goes rogue?  Or if they all get separated and locked into different prisons of their own designs.  This is a very good novel when it comes to the male on male romance.  It blends together nicely with the BDSM and romance as well.  You don’t see a combination like this all the time and when you do it never ends well.  The novels are usually poorly written and have too many descriptive words.  This isn’t the case with this novel at all.  It actually has a plot worth reading.  The plot is tied into the romance, but by no means does it succeed it.  It has a twist that was written very well and it wasn’t too extreme either.  This novel actually makes sense to you, when most of the time novels like this don’t.  That’s the wonderful thing about Bey Deckard.  He knows what we want to read without setting it up to be a porno gone badly.  Everything that’s been written has a purpose.  So when read together it all starts to make sense.

*Read on September 26th, 2015


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