Styx’s Storm By Lora Leigh

I actually wasn’t prepared for this novel whatsoever.  It surprised me in a few different ways, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I had read a very misleading review that was wrong about what happened throughout the whole novel.  I was very excited to read this novel, in hopes that it was exactly as it sounded.  Well, needless to say it wasn’t, but it was still good.  It had me at the edge of my seat in anticipation for what was to come next.  Even though it wasn’t what I was lead to believe it was, it’s still one of the best novels I’ve read in this series so far.  In this novel the main character are Storme and Styx.  Storme is the daughter of a scientist that helped the Breeds escape.  Upon their escape Storme was given a chip that held important secrets on it.  It would have everybody coming after her, even the Breeds.  In an attempt to save the information and his daughter, both Storme’s father and brother were killed in front of her.  Now she’s on the run from both the Council and the Breeds.  She hates the Council for killing her whole family, but her hatred for the Breeds runs deeper.  For in her mind her family chose the Breeds over her.  Styx is a wolf Breed that has been Storme’s tail for two years now.  He’s been protecting her from the Council’s soldiers, while others try to gain her trust.  He’s been patiently waiting for that trust to build, but it looks like he’s going to have to resort to different measures.  Styx is known for both his love of chocolate and his love of women.  He’ll only ever spend one night with a woman, but his skills are spread like wildfire.  Styx can sense that Storme is running low on energy, both physically and mentally.  To do the right thing for the Breeds, he’s going to need to use that weakness to lure the information they need out of her.  A lot of people are depending on the information that she carries.  It could either help save the Breeds or, if the Council gets ahold of it, kill them all.  While I want to say that I see this plot a lot, which I do, I can’t because of all the twist that go with it.  This doesn’t make this unique per say, but it does make it rather peculiar.  This is more of an action-filled romance novel to be exact.  Lora Leigh hasn’t made one of these in a while, so it makes it unique in a different sort of way.  For starters, the romance itself is a whole lot better than it usually is.  The main character doesn’t act how men usually act in certain scenarios.  To this I am thankful for, because it’d get rather boring if he did.  The action part of this novel actually gets pretty wild at times.  It’s full of different scenes that can cause quite a punch in the plot.  This was kind of refreshing, because it seems that Lora Leigh is losing her touch, when she finally just got it.

*Read on September 14th, 2015


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