The Faerie Path By Allen Frewin Jones

I’m not real sure as to why I picked up this novel in the first place.  I’m never really fond of novels like this that are written by men, because it doesn’t seem too realistic.  This novel really wasn’t that great because of this and because it seemed that it jumped all over the place.  This made the novel really hard to read and really boring to me in certain parts.  I really didn’t like this novel all that much to be honest.  I’m actually having a hard time writing this review, because there’s not much to say about this novel.  Except for the fact that it was poorly written.  In this novel the main character is Anita.  Anita is a human girl living in London at the time of this novel.  She’s on a boat ride with her boyfriend when the see a shape in the water and crash into the pillar.  It’s when she’s in the hospital that she starts having weird dreams and visions of having wings come out of her back.  After a mysterious book is given to her by an unknown person, things start to happen that she can’t quite explain.  One being the reason why wings sprouted from her back and that she went flying.  Only to be awakened on the floor of the hospital’s bathroom.  Things get even weirder for Anita, when she wakes up to find her boyfriend has gone missing.  This all causes another chain reaction when she finds the present that he left behind.  Once she opens the present a man appears and beckons her into his arms.  Not knowing exactly what she’s doing she goes with him, which transfers her into a new world.  A world that she left behind more than five hundred years ago.  A world that she doesn’t remember, but one that remembers her quite well.  Things are about to change for little ole Anita.  One of these being that she’s really Princess Tiana, the long lost Princess from time.  Now she must discover who she really is and why she left in the first place.  This is a young adult novel that was created for people with a sense of imagination.  The problem with this novel is the fact that it doesn’t work.  It’s hard to imagine something that’s being changed over and over again.  It has some adventure in it, but you don’t really notice that much because your brain is working hard to process the novel.  There’s also romance and drama in this novel.  The romance is a little pointless in this novel to be honest.  It’s there, and it’s probably supposed to be there, however it confuses me more than anything else.  The drama that goes with this novel is way more interesting than the whole novel itself.  This is because the plot is almost non-existent and the drama makes it seem like it’s actually there.

*Read on September 20th, 2015


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