The Lost Queen By Allen Frewin Jones

I honestly don’t think that I should be doing a review on this novel, because it was just that bad.  I don’t like doing reviews on novels that didn’t like, because it never really turns out well.  This was a very boring novel to read and I found the plot to be utterly ridiculous. I couldn’t stay focused to actually read this novel and it got so bad that I had to quit reading halfway through.  Which I never do, I almost never stop reading a novel once I’ve started it.  This is because novels have a way of surprising you towards the end.  However, with that being said I didn’t believe that this novel would get better towards the end, so I abandoned it.  In this novel Tiana is on a mission to find her mother the long lost Queen.  After Tiana went missing her mother and older sister made a plan to go find her in the human world.  Only the unthinkable happened and her mother was trapped there for over 500 years.  Presumed to be dead she wasn’t even searched for.  That is until Tiana came back and took it upon herself to find the missing Queen and to bring her back home.  Now she only needs someone to help her with this mission.  Someone that knows the human world and has been there before.  So who better to take than her true love Edric.  After receiving gifts from the King, Tiana and Edric are once again in the human world.  The big problem with this is that Tiana has to find her human parents and explain why she suddenly disappeared.  This doesn’t prove to be an easy feat and now she’s banned from seeing Edric.  The main of this mission depends on Edric’s ability to help Tiana and this is really hard to do when a Princess gets grounded.  Sneaking behind her parents back doesn’t help the matter either.  It only proves to them that they can’t trust her anymore.  Tiana’s feelings for her human parents and real parents are tearing her apart.  If this continues much further, then there’s no telling what could happen.  I’m not really sure what genre this novel would go into.  It’s definitely a young adult novel, but it didn’t have any action in it or any romance for that matter.  The romance that was in there was so small that it can’t be called a romantic novel.  This novel was really just a plain and very bland novel.  It really needs to be rewritten and to have more put into it.  The scenes are all boring or slow and in novels like this, they’re not supposed to be boring.  Their supposed to make you wonder and dream of places that don’t really exist.  This novel makes it hard to do either of these things.  If anything it makes you sleepy and causes other day dreams.  All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this novel to anyone.  It’s a waste of time and causes a lack of wonderment that we all need to have.

*Read on September 21st, 2015


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