Through The Zombie Glass By Gena Showalter

This series ceases to amaze me.  It’s a very gothic twist on one of our classic fairytales and it’s one that leaves me wanting more.  This novel was much better than I thought it was going to be, and believe me I thought I’d be pretty damn good.  Gena Showalter is an excellent writer of both adult fiction and young adult novels.  I have yet to read a novel of hers that I didn’t like and I’ve read quite a few of her novels.  There are some plot twist in this novel that my brain cold barely keep up with.  I kept wanting more and more, until I was finally given what I wanted.  In this novel Ali and Cole are close to breaking up.  Cole had issues when it comes to a lasting relationship.  He tends to break it off when they start to get too close to each other.  Add this to the fact that Gavin, an out of town slayer, is starting to have visions with Ali and you have a recipe for disaster.  There are actually two out of town slayers training with their team and one of them just happens to be one of Cole’s ex-girlfriend.  One that is determined to get him back and isn’t afraid to use foul play if she has too.  This is enough to stress Ali out, but when something goes wrong during a fight she starts to fear for everyone’s life.  There is something dark growing inside of Ali.  This is something that only Ali can see.  That only Ali can hear.  It likes to torment her whenever she’s with others.  It drives her crazy at times when she needs a clear head.  However, the most dangerous thing that it makes her do is crave her friends in a bad way.  She wants to bite them and devour their souls.  She wants to destroy them completely, until there’s nothing left of them.  She’s putting them in danger and she knows it.  The worst part is when they find out and proceed to shun her.  Nobody can help her through this, except for one man.  He’s a man that works for the enemy, but is willing to help her.  He’s willing to do the right thing for all the wrong things he’s done in the past.  This is a novel that is hard to classify.  It’s an action-packed, drama-filled, ass kicking romance novel that can put others to shame.  It has a punk-goth feel to it that you don’t often see in a novel.  This brought the novel to life while other novels are left in the dust.  The action in this novel keeps you on your toes all day long.  It’s written to where you want to keep reading, even when you don’t have the time for it.  It creeps into your mind while you’re sleeping and stays with you when you’re awake.  That’s the good part of any drama-filled novel.  Overall, everything in this novel blended perfectly together.  It flowed together real nicely, so that way there’s no room for argument when it comes to genres.  I would highly recommend this series to anybody who likes something different.  It’s definitely that and much more.

*Read on September 19th, 2015


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