Shifter: A Jaguar’s Kiss By Lora Leigh

This is a novella that was written by four different authors.  One of those authors happens to be Lora Leigh, author of the Breeds novels.  This novella is part of the Breeds series and is between a Cajun jaguar shifter named Saban Broussard and a Tennessee school teacher named Natalie Riccio.  Saban managed to escape from the Council at a very young age and ended up getting caught in a hurricane.  He was saved and raised by a Cajun man who would’ve given his life for him.  Saban is a man determine to make a life for himself despite all that’s happened to him.  He’s a man that knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it if need be.  Natalie has just gotten a much needed divorce from her overbearing ex-husband Mike.  It took her years to realize that it was never going to get better, so she took the chance once it was thrust upon her.  Natalie isn’t the kind of woman to throw out a good thing once she sees it, but she is the kind of woman who’d throw the trash to the curb.  This is exactly what she does when she finds out that her husband was cheating on her with her assistant.  The first chapter in this novella starts with Natalie packing the rest of her belongings up.  Her ex-husband ended up with the house while she got a cozy apartment for herself.  As she was packing there was a knock on the door of her soon to be ex-husband’s house.  Once she opened the door she found Saban of Breed Affairs at her front door.  He had come up to tell her that they’d chosen her out of forty thousand applicants to be the teacher for the Breed children.  Being in a state of shock, since it’s been over a year since she sent out the applicant, she is quickly befuddled.  Once out of her unusual state she quickly accepts only to have her ex-husband slam his way into the house.  All in all this wasn’t a bad novella.  it was a little too short for my liking, but I have a feeling that I’ll get over it.  The cover of this novella was a very good one, because it didn’t have me running away in terror.  It’s a subtle one that works very well for all four of the authors.  The plot to this novella was a good one and I feel like it should have been expanded upon.  It would have made a very good novel, especially since the ex-husband was still a part of it.  He made the perfect stalker type character that I would have loved to see more of.

* Read on June 16th, 2015


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