Silver-Tongued Devil By Jaye Wells

The cover of this novel wasn’t actually that bad.  I did enjoy looking at it, to a certain extent.  But only because staring at the cover for over a half hour is kind of creepy.  It’s actually pretty compelling in a weird way, because it’s like it beckons you when you’re doing the most random things.  The plot for this novel is full of exciting twists that you never see coming until its already too late.  This is a good thing since most of us crave this action with an addiction like state of mind.  Sabina is a force to be reckoned with in this novel.  She’s been thrown into a game to which she can’t control, and as we all know Sabina hates not being in control.  Her fiery temper gets her into more trouble than usual and her romantic life is on the fritz again.  Meanwhile, her demon sidekick Giguhl has a problem of his own.  The drag queen Pussy Willow has decided to make a home in New York with Giguhl.  While the two are best friends they do end up getting into quite a few fights based upon many different things.  This doesn’t go well for either of the two mythical creatures, since they almost come to psychical blows after a while.  In this novel Maisse’s been back with the Order for a few weeks now and still isn’t looking any better.  She’s barely slept and isn’t drinking enough to really keep herself alive.  Sabina and everyone else are worried for her mental states, because it looks like she’s going to flip out any second.  While this is all happening to Maisse, everyone else is getting mentally prepared for the signing of the peace treaty between Mages and Vampires.  This is a very delicate situation that’s trying to be handled in such a manner, but it doesn’t help that there’s been a murder too.  Not only that but a murder of a mage that’s been pinpointed to a vampire that has had to commit it.  This all makes a very interesting tale when combined together, and oh boy does it ever combine.  The power struggles in this novel are quite evident in the scenes that play out in it too.  This novel is quite a wild ride and it’s one that is worth reading about.  It has an edge to it that I don’t always see, but when I do I hardly ever put the novel down.  This is a must read novel for anyone in the fantasy world.  It keeps you on your toes and has a plot twist that even I never saw coming till the last minute.

*Read on June 30th, 2015


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