The Magical Christmas Cat: Christmas Heat By Lora Leigh

    I’m still very surprised at the fact that I’m still reading this series.  I know I’ve said this before, but if you think about it how many novels are actually in this series, including all the novellas.  A damn lot, that’s how many!  So I think I’m aloud to continue saying this in every review to come.  Christmas Heat is a novella about Noble and Haley.  It’s a story that is based off the end results of Mercury’s War, so you still feel a part of that novel as well.  Noble is a jaguar Breeds and one of the many enforcers that Sanctuary has.  He has a weakness for Haley and has long suspected that she’s his mate, for over a year now to be exact.  He likes to read just about anything he can get his hands on and he could tell you all about it afterwards.  His hunger for novels is how he ended up meeting Haley in the first place.  Haley is the head librarian in the small town that the Breeds have claimed as their own.  She loves books with a fiery passion, which is what lead her to be targeted by the Council in the first place.  Towards the very end of Mercury’s War Haley was in the Breeds personal library with Jonas’ permission.  However, he told her that if an enforcer saw her they’d bring her right back to the party.  So when she heard the door open she hid behind some bookcases and ended up hearing a conversation that could very well end her life.  After hearing this conversation she ran to find Noble right as the party really started to get interesting.  Now, Haley is a key witness to what’s happened at Sanctuary and the people involved now want her dead.  Her new pickup truck exploding when stated is proof of that.  So while Haley is still in shock Noble is left to comfort her and to help protect her from their enemies.  T very much so enjoyed how the plot to this novella coincided with the last novel.  It made it a little more interesting, while also expanding upon what exactly happened.  It was a little rushed, but that’s to be expected.  However, it doesn’t mean that I liked it, because I would have loved to hear more about these two.  I have yet to see a novel be about a jaguar Breed, only novellas, and I really want to see one.  I really didn’t like the cover of this novel either.  I mean it is rather fitting because of the title, but it doesn’t mean that I had to like it either.  All in all, I rather enjoyed this novella and the new characters that were mentioned.  Hopefully, this means I’ll be hearing more about them pretty soon.

*Read on August 1st, 2015


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