Tanner’s Scheme By Lora Leigh

This is perhaps the most anticipated novel for me, because Tanner is quite a character.  I was very excited when I got this novel, that’s how much I wanted to read it.  It really was a great story and the characters backgrounds just helped the plot even more.  It’s a dangerously exciting novel that will… Continue reading Tanner’s Scheme By Lora Leigh

Primal Heat: Wolfe’s Hope By Lora Leigh

This isn’t exactly a novella that I wanted to read, but that I’m glad that I did read.  I’m quite honestly getting tired of all the Feline Breed novels.  I see more of them than anything else at this point and it’s not a good thing.  This novella brought the Wolf Breeds to light and… Continue reading Primal Heat: Wolfe’s Hope By Lora Leigh