Black Ice By Becca Fitzpatrick

    I actually really loved reading this novel.  I’ve read a few of Becca Fitzpatrick’s other novels and was a little bored towards the end of them.  But with this novel it changed my whole perspective.  It was dangerous and sexy and so worth reading that I want to read it again right now!  It quite honestly blew my mind when I started reading it.  I wasn’t expecting such a great plot twist or such complex characters.  It really shoots a thrill through you until you have to keep reading to find out why.  I got so hyped up when reading this novel that whenever I had to put it down I was instantly saddened.  I was just so hooked into the story’s plot.  The main characters, Britt and Mason, really helped with this too.  Brittany has just gotten out of a bad relationship and to celebrate she wants to go back packing.  Pf course this is exactly what her ex does, so it’s sort of funny.  Her best friend has a cabin that they’re using, so the whole thing is perfect.  That is until the blizzard hits and they’re both stuck inside a stranger’s cabin.  Thing’s couldn’t get any worse for the girls, but they indeed could.  Two strangers show up at their door wanting to come in.  Britt’s friend, seeing that they’re handsome, lets them in.  It’s never a good idea to let strangers in your house and this time is no different.  Out of the two men that are holding them hostage Mason seems to be the better of the two.  He doesn’t act as cruel as his counterpart and that’s what Britt needs right now.  She needs to fool them into believing her and that’s what they do.  However, her plan backfires when she has to go with both of the men, leaving her friend behind.  They want her to take them down the mountain, away from anyone that may be seeking them.  Britt may be leading them, but it isn’t the way that they want to go.  She’s in real danger now and for her sake it better be Mason that finds out she’s leading them astray.  This novel is a very good young adult and mystery novel.  It has a lot of suspense that really keeps you going.  You’re so hooked into it that you have to keep reading it to find out what actually just happened.  Combine this with all the mystery of who did what or will this happen next just made it a very excellent novel.  The cover of this novel helped to reinforce this idea as well.  It tells you a little without actually telling you a damn thing.  We need more novels like this in the world and I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about.  People keep saying that its a bad read, well its most likely because they thought it’s be like the series Hush, Hush.  Which I am thankful it’s not.  Don’t judge a novel based solely on a person’s reviews. Base it on what you think of it too.

*Read on February 24th, 2015


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