Elizabeth’s Wolf By Lora Leigh

This novel surprised me because I wasn’t aware that there’d be a novel about a Wolf Breed.  It was rather interesting and at times really hot.  There was still a lot of unneeded word usage, but I got over it.  I rather enjoyed this novel, because it has a lot of things in it that I didn’t expect.  One of those things being the little girl who’s in the novel.  This novel also has a very good and dashing character that’s in the army.  You don’t see this very often and when you do it better be good.  In this specific novel the main characters are Dash, Elizabeth, and Cassie.  Dash is a military man and has been for a very long time.  He escaped from the labs when he was very young and had been put into the foster care system.  He then joined the military when he was 18 and hasn’t looked back since.  Not until he started getting letters from a little girl named Cassie.  Cassie choose Dash as her pen pal and has been writing to him while he was wounded.  Dash looks forward to hearing from Cassie and when he hears that she and her mother are dead he becomes depressed.  That is until a sneaky Cassie sends a letter to him without her mother knowing.  Now Dash is on the hunt for Cassie and her mother to help save them from a man that would kill them both.  Elizabeth is on the run with her daughter Cassie and will do anything in her power to make sure that she’s safe.  An evil man wants Cassie for his own gain and Elizabeth will do everything it takes to make sure that he never gets her.  This means constantly moving from place to place in hopes that she can ditch the tails that he’s put on her.  It means that when a strange man sits down at their table claiming to be a friend; that all she wants to do is grab Cassie and run away with her again.  This is exactly what she does, because Dash knows that the men after her have found them again.  They’re close, very close and it means that they need to either fight back or risk losing Cassie.  This novel is mostly a romance novel with bits of action here and there.  From the layout of the plot I gather that it’s supposed to be all romance instead.  However, it clearly has an action plot as well, so this novel has a few mixed signals in it.  In some area the action exceeded the romance, which it’s not supposed to do.  This makes the plot a little harder to understand at times, which we don’t want because it’s a very good plot.  This plot creates the story and makes us want to read it.  However, nobody wants to read it if the plot is going to be too difficult to read.  This is what happens from time to time.  It almost makes it a bore at times, but it quickly gets back to where it needs to go.  I’m not sure if I would recommend this novel to anyone or not.  It’s definitely a different take on a genetic twist, but it’s hard to understand at times.  If you enjoy a challenge then, by all means read this novel.  It’s an interesting series and I feel like it’ll get better in the future too.

*Read on February 26th, 2015


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