Hot Spell: The Breed Next Door By Lora Leigh

I rather enjoyed this novel, because it was rather witty and quite refreshing at that. The character’s personalities went quite well together. Which is quite a surprise considering that their almost complete opposites in this novella. This almost makes me believe that Lora Leigh is starting to improve on her writing skills as an author. For this I am over joyed and more than happy to continue reading this series. Perhaps the characters in this little novella can help her write a longer novel with a better plot to it, because at this rate she may never get it. In this novella one of the best characters is Lyra a young woman raised around nothing but men. Because of this she’s very spunky, but in her defense her whole family is as well. She prides herself on being true to herself and doing what she believes is right. Most of the time she succeeds in this, but every once in a while she doesn’t. Especially when it comes to her neighbor Tarek. Tarek is just one of the Breeds many enforcers that Sanctuary has. Right now all Tarek wants to do is live in a house that is all his own and to continue watching the woman next door. He’s very easy going when he wants to be, but can be more mischief at times than anything else. One of his favorite things to do is mess with Lyra’s prize rose bushes. He loves to see her reaction to it and thinks that it’s even cute. However, he doesn’t think its cute when someone tries to break into her house and harm her. Tarek takes this very seriously and now its time for him to do something about it. Because he believes that Lyra is the one for him, and nobody can hurt what is his and get away with it. To do this though he’s going to have to convince her that she needs to be around him. Even when she may not want to be anywhere near him. This has got to be one of the best novellas that Lora Leigh has written by far. The characters blended together so well that it made it quite enjoyable to read. It wasn’t a sappy romance novel with a boring plot either. I actually wanted to read it and see what was in store for the characters too. It was exciting, charming, and witty all at once, which is pretty hard for a novella to do. Especially one as short as this one. Heck, even the sub characters were as great as the main ones. Especially those brothers of Lyra’s. They brought their own humor to this novella and it went together perfectly. Overall, I was very impressed by how much I enjoyed this novella. It was one of the best that I’ve read so far and I highly recommend that you read it too.

*Read on April 12th, 2015


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