Kiss Of Heat By Lora Leigh

So I finally figured out the key to reading these novels.  It’s a cool trick called emptying your mind of all emotions and thoughts.  Which is just a horrible idea, because you can’t read a novel this way.  Which is the whole point to this story I believe.  Make you not want to read it to have you actually read it anyways.  Does this make sense to anybody, because it certainly doesn’t for me?  That’s what it felt like to read this novel too.  It made everything super confusing and all the descriptive word over-usage was starting to make my head hurt.  I’m really not starting to see a point to these novels whatsoever, but I’m determined to finish reading them anyways.  Continuing with this novel, which stars Sherra and Kane as its main characters.  Sherra is one of the few Snow Leopard Breeds that were left from the labs.  She’s been haunted by this and what was done to her while in the labs.  Haunted by the fact that she lost the child that she loved and that her mate is a monster in her eyes.  To ensure that she never has to go through this again she underwent a procedure to make her infertile for the rest of her life.  Thus ensuring that she never gets emotionally attached again.  Kane is the one man that she’ll never get emotional for ever again.  Kane is a soldier that was sent to help the Breeds a long time ago.  He helped many Breeds escape from the labs, but in the long run he was caught.  Once caught he was beaten and left for dead.  Now years later he’s still helping the Breeds in any way that he can and refuses to stop.  Even when he’s once confronted with a memory from his past, Sherra.  There’s something going on with the Breeds though, and even more so with Sherra.  Things have started to happen that can’t be stopped.  No matter whose warning him Kane won’t stop until Sherra hears what he has to say.  Even if she doesn’t want to.  These novels sure are a perplexing bunch.  They’re very confusing in their romance plots and the covers are just hideous.  There like B-rated movies in book form, or at the very least porn gone extremely wrong.  I’m still not even sure if they’re all that or if I should just stop reading them altogether.  The romance in this novel is very twisted.  I’m not really sure that this is still considered a romantic novel because of it.  It’s really not that romantic and is really cheesy too.  The genetic twist in these novels are still quite interesting, but they’re starting to lose their uniqueness too.  In the end I’d say read this novel if you really want to.  It wasn’t that great for me, but who knows; maybe the next person will like it more.

*Read on February 17th, 2015


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