Megan’s Mark By Lora Leigh

I quite honestly liked this novel very much. It was much more than I first expected it to be, which is quite an amazing thing. The characters were perfect for each other and they blended together so smoothly. They were both the same and yet at the same time, almost total opposites. This was perhaps the best part in the whole entire novel. Reading about how the characters reacted around each other was delightful, because you never knew what to expect. I do know that I didn’t expect to like this novel so much, that’s for sure. My favorite character in this whole novel had to be Megan. Megan is a firecracker that doesn’t care about what others think. She bases things on her gut instincts, which has saved her life more than once already. She works as a police officer in her hometown and the surrounding county, so she’s always in trouble somewhere. Although it does help to have a wicked six sense and to have your cousin be the local Chief of Police too. However, none of this stops the mysterious Braden in his tracks at all. Braden is an enforcer for Sanctuary, and he’s a damn good one at that. He’s currently one of the best that they have out in the field. This makes him a very important piece in Jonas’ everlasting games. He’s a sneaky little feline that likes to hunt his prey and right now that prey is Megan herself. After helping too save Megan, Braden can’t help but be curious about her. She’s a spitfire that won’t be held down, so she intrigues him. That and the fact that somebody obviously wants her dead. She’s been shot at more times than she can count and now two dead Breeds are found in her own backyard. Breeds that were on their way to see her. Something is going on and Megan seems to be the only clue connected to any of them. This novel was more of an action novel than a romance one. Which I am perfectly okay with, because it had me hooked to it. The female character was a badass in her police uniform and a role model for many young women. She’s proof that women can take care of themselves. They just have to want it badly enough. The romance in this novel was subtle in its own ways. We all knew that the characters would fall in love, but they actually took their time with it. Because of this it wasn’t as bad as this series previously was. It was rather enjoyable and fun to read. Overall, I’d say that you should definitely read this novel. It’s a good part of the series and can see some of the characters making a reappearance in the future as well.

*Read on April 19th, 2015


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