Primal Heat: Wolfe’s Hope By Lora Leigh

This isn’t exactly a novella that I wanted to read, but that I’m glad that I did read.  I’m quite honestly getting tired of all the Feline Breed novels.  I see more of them than anything else at this point and it’s not a good thing.  This novella brought the Wolf Breeds to light and for this I’m very thankful for.  Hopefully there’s going to be more novels based on this species, because at this point in time I’m starting to get pretty bored with Lora Leigh’s novels.  She’s already not the best writer, but I do feel like she’s getting better.  And regardless of that fact I do want to see how she improves.  One of the Wolf Breed characters that she introduces is Wolfe, the Alpha of the Wolf Breeds.  Wolfe is a hard-headed man that is used to getting what he wants.  Whether it’s by his own sheer willpower or by force doesn’t matter to him.  He’s very focused on righting all the wrongs that happened to them in the labs and right now he’s focused on a specific Doctor.  One that brought him and his pack nothing but pain and misery.  But to do this he needs the one person that he could never forget.  A woman who was only a girl back when he knew her.  The Doctor’s own daughter, Hope.  Hope has known about the Breeds for most of her life.  Her own mother was one of the scientists that took great pleasure in torturing them.  She was forced to watch her mother do these horrible things and couldn’t react to any of it.  Now that she’s older she’s broken away from her mother and refuses to even talk about her.  However, this doesn’t stop Wolfe at all.  He continues to kidnap her and use her as the perfect bait.  Of course he also has an ulterior motive of his own as well.  The attraction between them has only grown over the years and Wolfe wants to see how far it could go.  Which could either be a good thing or a very bad thing.  This novella is an interesting take on a romance novel.  I’m actually quite glad that it was a novella instead of a full novel.  It had a good plot to it and since it was over with quickly it made the plot that much better.  The romance in this novella wasn’t like a slap to the face like I usually is, it was more subtle than that.  I think this is what actually made the novella so excellent in my opinion.  It was lead into it instead of doing a straight head dive into it.  It is perhaps one of the best well written novellas that Lora Leigh has done so far, and for this I’m thankful.  Mostly because I was starting to get bored with her novels.  Perhaps she’s improving quicker than I originally thought.  I would say that you should read this novella before moving on, because it does give you some good information.


*Read on May 18th, 2015


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